ReWild The Art of Returning to Nature

ReWild by Nick Baker

The Art of Returning to Nature

Format: Hardback, 304 Pages
ISBN: 9781781316559
Publisher: Aurum Press
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"An ingenious and invigorating insight into the essential wildness within us all.” Chris Packham 

As our busy, technology-driven lives become more sedentary we have become less connected to our natural surroundings. In these challenging times, it is by rediscovering our links to the world around us that we can rekindle the natural, human connection we have to the wild.

Nick Baker introduces rewilding as a concept that needs to be established at a personal level. Taking the reader back to their natural sensitivities, we rediscover the instinctive potential of our senses. From learning to observe the creatures and beasts within hands’ reach and seeing and hearing the birds and trees of our forests, Baker’s expert advice offers the practical tools to experience the wilderness on your own doorstep, as well as in the wider, wilder world.

ReWild mixes memoir with practical advice, to delight, inform and inspire us all to discover the art of returning to nature.

Nick Baker is simply a naturalist. His life-long passion and natural curiosity for anything living has led to a varied career as a field biologist, broadcaster and communicator of natural history. Nick has over twenty years’ experience hosting shows for the BBC, National Geographic and Discovery, including Springwatch, Weird Creatures and Ultimate Explorer. He has also authored ten books on the subject of wildlife and natural history. Nick is a strong believer in the fact you can’t protect what you don’t value or connect with, and so, to this day he continues in whatever way he can to help others rediscover a natural empathy with the wild world. 

Format: Hardback, 304 Pages
ISBN: 9781781316559
Illustrations: b-w integrated illustrations
Size: 5.315 in x 8.504 in / 135 mm x 216 mm
"Nick Baker makes a passionate, coherent and convincing's inspiring as well as educational, and if all of us took on board even 10% of what he urges us to do, the results could be immense. An accessible and entertaining read as well as a blueprint for action." 
"Nick Baker's ReWild is my book of 2017!"  
"a thoroughly instructive and entertaining read" 
"Our digital world seems to offer any number of diversions from reality, but in his powerful new book Rewild naturalist and broadcaster Nick Baker suggests ways in which we can reconnect to the natural world…" 
"For anyone new to rewilding, this is a well-crafted introduction, with simple day-to-day advice anyone can follow." 
"Perfect for anyone looking to escape the stresses of modern life, the book is full of advice on getting back in touch with the wild." 
‘this is a beguiling and convincing book. And before we next go shopping for a fancy gadget, we could all do worse than to remember its empowering conclusion: “You’re a proud owner of the most important tool kit you could ever possibly own, and it’s the one you were born with.”‘
"Ditch the gadgets and let this memoir and quietly inspirational practical guide connect you with the wilderness."
'Simultaneously scientific and enthusiastic, passionate but articulate, exasperated but warm, and fantastically, wondrously nerdish. Quite simply one of the best things I've read on what it means and how it feels to be physically in touch with nature.'
"An ingenious and invigorating insight into the essential wildness within us all." 
"a recommended read for sure."  
"If you've ever felt frustrated by how little time your grandchildren spend playing outside, you'll agree with Nick Baker. The wildlife presenter is on a mission to encourage all of us to get out and reconnect with nature. ReWild helps you appreciate the wildlife that's right on your doorstep."