Flora The Graphic Book of the Garden

Flora by Guy Barter and Sam Falconer

The Graphic Book of the Garden

Illustrated by:
Format: Hardback, 224 Pages
ISBN: 9781781316047
Publisher: Aurum Press
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From the best flowers to plant to encourage the industrious honeybee, to the right soils for your plants, from the easiest-to-grow varieties of courgette, to planning out your garden, RHS expert Guy Barter has curated a selection of graphics to instruct and inspire the green-fingered enthusiast. Packed with colourful graphics illustrating the how to’s, facts and trivia of gardening, this gorgeous book is the perfect gift for those who want to keep their garden green and healthy, or looking to start their first garden.

Packed with expert advice and over 100 original and unique illustrations, this beautiful visual reference book illuminates some of the trickier aspects of gardening as well as providing an introduction to the basics. Divided into the main themes of Planning, Planting, Choosing, Vegetables & Herbs, Fruit & Vines, and Practicalities; no matter where you are in your gardening abilities, Flora will ensure that you have all the know-how to start your garden and how to keep it green and healthy.

GUY BARTER is the RHS Chief Horticultural Advisor having joined their team in 1990. He now runs the RHS members’ advisory service. Guy is a hands-on gardener who likes to get his boots muddy with a good knack for experimentation with new plants, methods and products.

Sam Falconer’s illustrations combining vibrant characters and intricate environments have been commissioned by clients ranging from leading national newspapers to renowned science magazines and universities.
Initially working purely by hand, Sam discovered a passion for digital collage in 2010 which later developed into his own unique brand of rich and detailed imagery. This method allows him to develop complex pieces with diverse character sets each distinct from one another.
Sam was featured in IdN magazine’s New Faces of Inspiration issue as one of ten leading illustrators in the editorial field.

Format: Hardback, 224 Pages
ISBN: 9781781316047
Illustrations: 106 fully illustrated spreads
Size: 7.441 in x 9.685 in / 189 mm x 246 mm
"This delightful reference book delivers gardening advice using a modern, graphic approach. There are fabulous colour illustrations on every page, with most of the main gardening information delivered in small, easy-to-digest nuggets. Four stars" 
"Pictures paint a thousand words – and none more so than in this beautifully designed book all about growing. There's plenty of very useful information...that will be of value to the seasoned gardener as much as the gardening newbie. So if you're looking for a book that appeals to the eye as much as to the brain...this won't disappoint."