Bonker, Bounder, Beggarman, Thief

Bonker, Bounder, Beggarman, Thief by The Telegraph

A Compendium of Rogues, Villains and Scandals

Format: Hardback, 592 Pages
ISBN: 9781781315446
Publisher: Aurum Press
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Forgery, larceny, perjury, bigamy and infamy: it's all here. The Telegraph Book of Scandal collects the paper's reporting on the most outrageous events and individuals in its 160-year history. From Oscar Wilde's trial to the Profumo affair, the unmasking of Anthony Blunt as a Soviet spy, right through to their searing coverage of the expenses scandal; corrupt politicians, sex-crazed singers, murderous dictators and shady businessmen alike will be named and shamed. Tapping into the universal desire for 'something sensational to read on the train', and using the same addictive editorial structive as the bestselling Thinker, Failure, Soldier, Jailer, this book will be perfect for anyone looking for an irreverent, surprising and sometimes tragic alternative history of the two centuries.

Format: Hardback, 592 Pages
ISBN: 9781781315446
Size: 6.024 in x 9.213 in / 153 mm x 234 mm
"The vibrant narrative and sensational revelations ensure that each fall from grace is as gripping as the day it was first reported."
"This may not be the 'sidebar of shame' but for the little bit in all of us scintillated by the sordid then this is a most enjoyable way to consume it. A first-class stocking filler for the curious."