Freak Out the Squares

Freak Out the Squares by Russell Senior

Life in a band called Pulp

Format: Hardback, 320 Pages
ISBN: 9781781314388
Publisher: Aurum Press
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Russell Senior is a man too smart to have ever been a pop star. And Pulp were too odd a band ever to have become so big. But we can only be grateful that he was, and they did – and that Freak Out the Squares tells the story in Russell’s inimitable, entertaining and fascinating way.

The first account of life inside Pulp, Freak Out the Squares recounts the band’s origins in Sheffield to their glory days at the height of Britpop, revealing the story behind the anthem of a generation, “Common People”. The book gives a glimpse into the world of Britpop luminaries such as Blur, Elastica and Suede and charts Pulp’s 2011 reunion tour, which culminated in a triumphant Glastonbury performance.

 Freak Out the Squares is Russell’s exceptionally witty, unusual and enlightening account of the heady time of being a key member of Britpop’s best-loved and most enduringly relevant band.

RUSSELL SENIOR was the lead guitarist and violinist of Britpop band Pulp. Since his departure from Pulp he has worked as an antique dealer but now concentrates on writing full-time.

Format: Hardback, 320 Pages
ISBN: 9781781314388
Illustrations: 8 Page colour plate section
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