Viz Annual 2021: The Wizard's Sleeve

A Rousing Blast from the pages of Issues 272~281

Viz Annual 2021: The Wizard's Sleeve
Format: Hardback, 220 Pages
ISBN: 9781781067277
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By any standards, 2020 has been a momentous twelve months. The news has been dominated by huge headlines; the roof of a Slough block of flats was blown off by strong winds, Stormzy clashed with TV host Eamonn Holmes over his criticism of Meghan Markle, and Greggs launched their much-heralded Vegan Steak Bake.

But in the future, when all these stories are nothing more than forgotten chapters in a dusty history book on the shelves of a closed library, this year will be remembered for just one thing; Viz - The Wizard’s Sleeve.
Inside this extraordinarily sumptuous compilation annual, readers will find the very best bits from issues 272 to 281 of Viz Comic, Britain’s funniest* and best-selling** magazine, including:
Cartoons: The Fat Slags, Johnny Fartpants, Mrs Brady Old Lady, Roger Mellie, Eight Ace, The Pathetic Sharks, Biffa Bacon, Raffles the Gentleman Thug and many, many more
Features and news stories: Sex on the Moon; Is Your Neighbour a KGB Assassin?, Is Your Wife Having an Affair with the Milkman?; 24 Things You Never Knew About Gold; The Stag Night of the Future and many, many more
Thrilling adventures: Ed Sheeran’s Fountain of Popularity; Tony Hadley’s True Crime; Invasion of the Space Wasps with Kirstie & Phil; Jimbo Jones and his Robot Beauty Pageant; Jack Black and his Dog Silver and many, many more
Viz’s famous Letters and Top Tips
Spoof ads, articles, free gifts and other assorted tat

Whether you’re looking for the ideal Christmas gift for a loved one, a book to keep on the toilet cistern, or merely something to prop up the leg of a wobbly kitchen table***, a copy of Viz - The Wizard’s Sleeve is a great way to round this fabulous year off in style.

The author

Viz Comic is Britain’s third or fourth funniest magazine. Possibly fifth.
Its blend of cartoons, features and joke adverts appear every five weeks on the newsstands, and selections of the best bits can be found 24/7 on for anyone too cheap to buy it.
The readers are pretty special too:
70% have been reading the magazine for 10 or more years
89% are male with an average age of 41
55% are educated to Degree level and above
70% have more than one other person who reads their copy
68% don’t read any other magazine! 

Reader reviews


Format: Hardback, 220 Pages
ISBN: 9781781067277
Size: 9.055 in x 11.811 in / 230 mm x 300 mm

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