The Joy and Power of the 25 Healthiest Vegetables on the Planet

SuperVeg The Joy and Power of the 25 Healthiest Vegetables on the Planet
Format: Paperback / softback, 280 Pages
ISBN: 9781760527709
Publisher: Murdoch Books
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Celia Brooks’ creates an original persona for 25 everyday vegetables and proves how they have the power to change your life.

In SuperVeg, Celia Brooks carefully selects 25 vegetables that she heralds as "heroes," not only for their nutritional benefits but for the simple joy of cooking them. These plant champions are the ultimate health enhancers, both physiologically through their unique natural chemicals, and mindfully through discovering the most joyful way to prepare, cook and eat them. By the time you have finished devouring SuperVeg, you will not just gain a full understanding of the surprising character and formidable power of these 25 vegetable heroes, but a life-long appreciation every time you eat them (particularly when you’re eating it as part of one of Celia’s 100 easy, delicious vegetarian and vegan recipes!)

Divided into three sections (Roots & Bulbs, Shoots & Leaves, and Veggie Fruits), SuperVeg explains what each vegetable’s nutritional superpower is, what varieties they come in, how to prepare and cook them, how to store them, what season to eat them in, whether you should eat them processed and preserved, and most importantly, how to bring out their best attributes. For each vegetable, Celia also provides a list of its “best mates”, to help you out when it comes to planning meal times. Did you know beetroot and chocolate are a match made in heaven? Or that courgette and honey work wonderfully together? What about celeriac? It goes wonderfully with truffle, chestnut and saffron. Alongside every vegetable, Celia presents 3 or more recipes and suggestions, from a nutritious sweet potato breakfast tray and a raw carrot and orange salad with tahini dressing to a side of zesty maple sprouts and roasted radicchio and pasta with sage and walnut pesto.

Each recipe is coded with ready-reference information such as "Low calorie," "Good source of protein," Feast dish," "Gluten free," "Dairy free," "Vegan," or "30 minutes or less." Including a crash course on the meaning of health buzzwords such as antioxidants and phytochemicals, as well as which essential vitamins and minerals are supplied by vegetables and why they matter for health, SuperVeg provides a wealth of information for absolutely anybody looking to incorporate more vegetables into their diet.  

The author

Celia Brooks moved to London from Colorado in 1989 and forged a career as a chef, food writer and businesswoman. Starting as a private chef for film director Stanley Kubrick, she moved on to TV presenting, consulting and writing about food for several UK publications including The Times, The Evening Standard and BBC Good Food Magazine. In 2002 Celia founded her highly successful food tour business, 'Gastrotours'. When not working on her next book, she spends most of her time creating and conducting unique food experiences in London, in particular around Borough Market - she is the only person licensed by the market to run tours. SuperVeg is her ninth cookbook. See more at

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Format: Paperback / softback, 280 Pages
ISBN: 9781760527709
Illustrations: full color throughout
Size: 7.55 in x 10.23 in / 191.77 mm x 259.84 mm

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