London Style Guide (Revised Edition)

London Style Guide (Revised Edition)
Format: Hardback, 140 Pages
ISBN: 9781743363317
Publisher: Murdoch Books
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Anyone can find an iconic restaurant or bar, but this book--now updated and revised--takes you on a journey to the heart and soul of London, revealing the hidden and stylish places that make this city so unique and eclectic.

There is an essence to London that can only be found in the small, off-the-radar places: the one-off shops, street markets, corner pubs, and local restaurants; the special places Londoners themselves go to.
This guide is all about finding the places that share a certain eccentricity, quirkiness, and independence. With this at your disposal, why settle for all the guide books that try to direct you to the tourist traps?

London Style Guide breaks the city down by village, and reveals the places that the locals love. We feature some of the Londoners behind the shops, cafes, and hotels, and ask them to divulge their city secrets. By delivering a carefully chosen selection of smaller, stylish spots revered by residents, this book makes visitors feel like locals. It's London up close and personal.

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Format: Hardback, 140 Pages
ISBN: 9781743363317
Size: 5.5 in x 8.25 in / 139.7 mm x 209.55 mm