My Petite Kitchen Cookbook

My Petite Kitchen Cookbook by Eleanor Ozich

Simple wholefood recipes

Format: Hardback, 190 Pages
ISBN: 9781743362914
Publisher: Murdoch Books
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My Petite Kitchen Cookbook is a complete menu of more than 100 simple, wholefood, gluten-free, recipes that feed body and soul.

Eleanor Ozich has first-hand experience of the health benefits of clean, whole food, the recipes in this book were created as part of her family's “road to simple eating”, adopted as a means of trying (successfully) to cure her four-year-old daughter's severe eczema.

By replacing sugar and grains with natural, unprocessed alternatives, Eleanor's recipes show how easy it is to prepare healthy food that is bursting with flavor. Plus, her stunning photography is a feast for the eyes, capturing the essence of her food--fresh, vibrant, and perfect for sharing.

From caramelized shallots and thyme frittata, apple and sage pork cassoulet, and slow-cooked zucchini with basil and lemon, to decadent raspberry and coconut chocolate torte and lemon and coconut truffles. My Petite Kitchen Cookbook includes breakfasts, lunches, drinks, dinners, desserts and everything in between.
Format: Hardback, 190 Pages
ISBN: 9781743362914
Size: 7.5 in x 9.5 in / 190.5 mm x 241.3 mm