Architects' Houses Twenty Australian Homes

Architects' Houses by Stephen Crafti

Twenty Australian Homes

Format: Hardback, 250 Pages
ISBN: 9781743360538
Publisher: Murdoch Books
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Architects' Houses offers an insight into how contemporary architects live in the homes they have designed specifically for themselves and their family: from warehouses to apartments, from an entirely new build to a substantial renovation. In the absence of a 'client' and a formal brief, architects can be truly adventurous, exploring groundbreaking, unconventional ideas and materials in designing their own houses. In this lavishly photographed book, Crafti looks at the fascinating details of the process involved, as much as the end result. What were the challenges, the hardships and the problems faced? Did ideas have to be modified to suit the budget? Were there compromises along the way? What discoveries were made? Architects' Houses also explores the things that didn't quite go to plan. Their insights and journeys will appeal to those looking for fresh ideas that go beyond the traditional offerings by architects.
Format: Hardback, 250 Pages
ISBN: 9781743360538
Size: 9.843 in x 11.496 in / 250 mm x 292 mm