Dish It Up

Dish It Up by Hayden Quinn

Format: Paperback / softback, 215 Pages
ISBN: 9781742669939
Publisher: Murdoch Books
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MasterChef Australia contender Hayden Quinn's beach-living-inspired kitchen repertoire is packed with punchy flavours from around the globe. Think energy-packed breakfasts and post-surfing power foods, travel-inspired street food, backyard feasts and special occasion meals to share with family and friends. His recipes are easy to navigate, complete with helpful hints on cooking techniques and the best places to source key ingredients. Hayden's enthusiasm for good food and his easy-going cooking style make this the perfect recipe book for cooks who aspire to make fresh, healthy, mouth-watering food that's easy to prepare and share--and guaranteed to make you smile!
Format: Paperback / softback, 215 Pages
ISBN: 9781742669939
Size: 8.465 in x 9.843 in / 215 mm x 250 mm