Subtitle Master techniques for painting stunning still lifes in acrylic

Varvara Harmon, Janice Robertson, Elizabeth Mayville, Tracy Meola
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Packed with beautiful illustrations and expert instruction, The Art of Painting Still Life in Acrylic is a comprehensive and indispensable resource for all aspiring painters.

Designed for beginners and intermediate artists, The Art of Painting Still Life in Acrylic offers valuable drawing and painting techniques, as well as inspirational artwork that's sure to motivate artists of all skill levels. The Art of Painting Still Life in Acrylic opens with a guide to essential information on the necessary tools and materials for both sketching and painting, including pencils, paints and brushes, palettes, supports, and mediums. In addition to learning about basic drawing and painting techniques and color theory, readers will learn how to create compelling compositions, achieve depth, and render realistic textures. This new title in the Collector's Series features a large variety of stunning still lifes, from lovely florals to tasty treats. Packed with beautiful illustrations and expert instruction, The Art of Painting Still Life in Acrylic is a comprehensive and indispensable resource for all aspiring painters.

Format Trade Paperback 144 Pages
ISBN 9781633220874
Size8.75 in x 11.67 in x 0.50 in / 222.25 mm x 296.42 mm x 12.70 mm
Published Date April 21st, 2016
Varvara Harmon

Varvara Harmon is an award-winning multimedia artist who works with oil, acrylic, watercolor, silk paintings, and ink and pencil drawings. Her work has been juried into national and international exhibitions and is in private collections around the world. Varvara's work has been published in International Artist and American Artist magazines, as well as in The Best of America Oil Artists book in 2009 and The Best of World Landscape Artists in 2012. Varvara is a member of the International Guild of Realism, Oil Painters of America, and Landscape Artists International. Varvara is currently represented at several art galleries across the Northeast and teaches workshops and classes in acrylic, watercolor, and oil.

Janice Robertson

Janice Robertson has received many awards, including three bronze medals in the Federation of Canadian Artists 2000 Signature Members show, the Margaret and William Foley Award at the 2001 Adirondacks National Exhibition of Watercolors in New York, and the Foreign Award in the 2004 Houston Watercolor Society exhibition. Janice holds senior Signature membership in the Federation of Canadian Artists, Landscape Artists International, the Northwest Watercolor Society, and Artists for Conservation. She is a contributing author to Walter Foster's The Art of Painting in Acrylic.

Elizabeth Mayville

Elizabeth Mayville is professional artist and illustrator living and working in Michigan. Since earning her BFA in 2006, she has become increasingly interested in the idea of "home" and all the seemingly small bits of life that bring us comfort and a sense of stability.

Tracy Meola

Tracy Meola is a professional artist who specializes in still-life acrylic paintings. As a child, Tracy loved crayons and coloring books and eventually graduated to sketchpads and pencils. She majored in Advertising and Illustration at The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, but she still considers herself self-taught because, lacking confidence, she left college and entered the business world, leaving art behind. Ten years passed before she picked up a paintbrush, but her love of painting was instantly restored. Life experience gave her the confidence she previously lacked, and in 1991, she began painting and teaching professionally. Tracy paints with acrylics using her own adapted technique of lightly applying multiple layers of paint with the use of water, which provides the soft blended look in her artwork. Tracy chooses elements for her still-life paintings that have texture and light, which is why many of her paintings are of glass or candles. She wants her artwork to give others a sense of home, peace, joy, and nostalgia.

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