Once Upon a Colorful Canvas

Once Upon a Colorful Canvas by Kindah Khalidy

A Playful Plan for Learning to Paint--Includes an 88-page paperback book plus two 6" (15 cm) square canvases

Format: Hardback, 88 Pages
ISBN: 9781631593222
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Painting looks like so much fun, but it's intimidating if you have never done it. If you approach painting as just a way to express yourself, play with color, explore creativity, and have some fun -- that can be enough, and you may even be pleased with your results.

But how does one begin to paint? What are the rules? The thing is, there are none! As Kindah Khalidy shows in her delightful book, there are lots of important things that a new artist needs to know to begin working in this art form.

Once Upon a Simple Canvas: A Visual Guide to Learning to Paint offers something completely new, a stunning and delightful visual journey of discovery! Readers are treated to a simple yet sophisticated "look and learn" approach to learning to paint by the brilliant and dazzling artist Kindah Khalidy.

As she shares insights into the artistic process, Khalidy's playful compositions and clever visual clues illuminate various approaches to the art form, spark ideas for creativity, and encourage aspiring artists to take risks, allowing space for unexpected and sometimes wonderful accidents to occur.

A hardcover case holds the 112-page paperback book and canvases to paint on.

Kindah Khalidy is a painter and textile designer working in San Francisco, California. Her ready-to-wear clothing and accessories are created in limited editions that coexist with an ongoing series of paintings and sculptures. She has been featured in Anthology, Bust, Amadeus, Paper Sea Quarterly, Better Homes and Gardens, Coastal Living, and Nylon. She has been featured on Buzzfeed, frequently on the SFMOMA tumblr page, Daily Candy, Martha Stewart, Oh Joy, and many other blogs and websites. Her clients include Anthropologie, Old Navy, Of a Kind, Linus Bikes, Textile Arts Center, and The United Nations.

Format: Hardback, 88 Pages
ISBN: 9781631593222
Illustrations: 220 color photos
Size: 8.5 in x 8.56 in / 215.9 mm x 217.42 mm