Duct Tape Engineer

Duct Tape Engineer by Lance Akiyama

The Book of Big, Bigger, and Epic Duct Tape Projects

Format: Paperback / softback, 160 Pages
ISBN: 9781631591303
Series: Engineer
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In Duct Tape Engineer--the book of Big, Bigger, and Epic Duct Tape Projects hands-on educator, master tinkerer, and author of Rubber Band Engineer, Lance Akiyama breaks away from table-top crafts and shows you how to design, sculpt, and build backpacks, kayaks, catapults, a queen-size bed, and even even a writing desk and chair with duct tape.

These fourteen projects are designed to be long-lasting as well as fun, and include advice on solid construction techniques and even weather proofing. Packed with full-color illustrations and easy to follow instructions, Duct Tape Engineer will make the perfect gift for any maker on your list.

Lance Akiyama combines tinkering and education into a single aspiration: to create a better world by inspiring the next generation of innovators with exciting hands-on projects. He has created project-based learning tutorials on Instructables.com, started an after-school engineering service, and is currently employed as a STEM-based curriculum developer for Galileo Learning. Lance spends his free time designing elaborate plans for advanced contraptions, keeping journals in cryptic backwards writing, and attempting to fly by strapping paper wings to his arms and leaping from rooftops. He lives in the San Francisco Bay area.

Format: Paperback / softback, 160 Pages
ISBN: 9781631591303
Series: Engineer
Illustrations: 200 color photos
Size: 8.5 in x 10 in / 215.9 mm x 254 mm
The Basics
     Ripping and Cutting
     Recommended Tools
     Taping Techniques
     How to Make a Duct Tape Sheet
     Desk Chair
     Bed Frame
Everyday Essentials
     Heavy-Duty Tool Box
     Messenger Bag
     Geodesic Dome
     Garden Swing
     Giant Slingshot
     Rocket Launcher