Making Art From Maps

Making Art From Maps by Jill K. Berry

Inspiration, Techniques, and an International Gallery of Artists

Format: Paperback / softback, 160 Pages
ISBN: 9781631591020
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Journey through the craft of Making Art with Maps.

From origami to paper cutting and decoupage, love of paper crafting has soared, and with it the variety of paper types used by artists. Among these are maps - an apt choice for any crafter: they're easy to find, often free, meant to be folded, and their colorful surfaces add an allure of travel to every project.

Making Art from Maps is equal parts inspiration and fun. Jill K. Berry, author of Map Art Lab returns, bringing her expertise in maps and her wide-ranging skills as an artist with her.

With her cartographic connections, she takes you on a gallery tour, introducing you to the work of some of the most exciting artists creating with maps today. Designer interviews are accompanied by 25 accessible how-to projects of her own design that teach many of the techniques used by the gallery artists.

Jill K. Berry is an author, teacher, and artist living in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Her first book, Personal Geographies: Explorations of Mixed-Media Mapmaking, was published in 2011. She thought it would be fun to invite her sister Linden to explore the second book together, and the two developed Map Art Lab. Jill returned to books with Making Art from Maps. She makes artists' books, paintings, maps, and other storytelling structures, and her work has been publisehd in many books and magazines. She teachers her techniques worldwide.

Format: Paperback / softback, 160 Pages
ISBN: 9781631591020
Illustrations: 200 color photos
Size: 8.75 in x 10.25 in / 222.25 mm x 260.35 mm
Materials and Tools
Foundational Basics
                        Twirled Rose
         Kusudama Flower
         Stacked Petals
         Spiral Buds
                        Packing Tape
                        Paper Tape
Chapter 1: Décor
            Mini Diorama
            Woven Basket
            Cartographic Coasters
                        Crane Eggs
                        Paper Fans
                        Stacked Disks
      Wrapped Floral Wreath
      Map Cone and Flower Wreath
      Kusudama Centerpiece
      Kusudama Globe Ornament
      Décor Gallery
      John Dilnot
Ram Hardikar
      Penny Arrowood
      Lisa Middleton
Chapter 2: Books, Journals, and Boxes
           Triangle Box
           Pyramid Box
      Book in a Box
      Travel Pocket Journal
      Book Gallery
            David Ashley
            Doug Beube
            Cindy Leaders
            Salyna Gracie
            Julia Strand
            Lou Cabeen
Chapter 3: Fashion
      Hat Party
      Paper Beads
      Map Ladder Pendants
      Big Beaded Bracelet
      Oh the Places She’ll Go
      River Dance
      Biker Chicks
Folding Fan
            Fashion Gallery
      Elisabeth Lecourt
      Sharon Erlich
      Liz Hamman
Rosalba Lucero
      Diana Trout
      Gwen Diehn
Chapter 4: Collage and Illustration
      Paper Dolls
      Journal Maps
Deconstructed Postcards
      Creative Gents Postcards
      Collage Gallery
                        Peter Clark
                  Joao Machado
                  Matt Cusick
                  Martin O’Neill
                  Joyce Kozloff
                  Rachel Ann Austin
                        Mary Ann Gradisher
                        Liz Collins
Chapter 5: Sculpture and Installations
            Trophy Head
      Wall Map Gallery
Sculpture Gallery
            Brian Dettmer
            Karen Margolis
            Mary Nasser
            Claire Brewster
            Emma Johnson
            Rebecca Riley
            Shannon Rankin
            Kim Rae Nugent
            Elizabeth Duffy
            Chris Kenny
Viviane Rombaldi Seppey
Chapter 6: Interiors and Lighting
      Flight of Fancy Map Stairs
      Cartographic Roller Shade
            Map Luminaria
Globe Swag Lamp
      Pajaki Hanging Decoration
Interior Gallery
            Deedee Hampton
            Benoit Vieubled
            Maude May
Why Artists Love Maps
  Map Resources
  Contributing Artists
  About the Artist
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