Night Sky Watcher

Night Sky Watcher by Raman Prinja

Your guide to the stars and planets

Format: Paperback / softback, 120 Pages
ISBN: 9781609929541
Publisher: QEB Publishing
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Get ready to explore the magical night sky. Find out everything there is to know about what you can spot in the sky, such as how explorers used constellations as a form of navigation. Also discover when is the best time to spot comets and why the Moon's appearance has changed over time. Night Sky Watcher includes everything from the Sun to the Moon, to the stars and planets. Symbols are used within the book to show what can be seen in the northern and southern hemispheres. This allows the reader to view exactly what they can see in the sky, regardless of their location. The book commes with the a zipper slipcase, this way readers can take it on all their adventures!

Raman Prinja has written several successful general-interest books on astronomy and is keen to bring the subject of astronomy to a wider audience. He is currently Professor of Astrophysics at University College London. Raman is the author of Science Crazy, which won the Children's Choice School Library Association Information Book Aware 2013 for the category 7-12 year olds.

Format: Paperback / softback, 120 Pages
ISBN: 9781609929541
Illustrations: color illustrations
Size: 6.8 in x 9.4 in x 0.375 in / 172.72 mm x 238.76 mm x 9.525 mm

"An inviting and accessible introduction to a lifetime of exploration."

"For those with a budding interest in astronomy, this sturdy volume offers an animated, accessible primer."