23 Things to Do Before You Are 11 1/2

23 Things to Do Before You Are 11 1/2 by John Haslam and Mike Warren

A practical step-by-step guide for things to make in your backyard

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Format: Paperback / softback, 64 Pages
ISBN: 9781609928254
Publisher: QEB Publishing
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An essential guide to activities a child can enjoy with their parents or grandparents. From understanding basic woodworking skills to constructing a kite, the reader will also learn about the science and eco side of invention. Activities are broken down into easy steps and technical information comes alive in bite-size facts. Dare-devils can make stilts, a rope ladder, and even a go-cart! Budding adventurers will learn how to put together a survival bag, campfile and fishing net. Aspiring conservationists can build their own bird nesting box and wormery. Outdoor activities have never been such fun, and if it's raining there are plenty of other fun things to do!

John Haslam is an experienced illustrator with a background in TV advertising. He’s worked on all sorts of illustration, from creating the Pritt Stick character, to working on comic books for Disney and Transformers.

Mike Warren is a designer, inventor, and author based in San Francisco. His work combines electronics, woodworking, and reuse. His open-source work is carefully documented to inspire and encourage others to remix his projects and share the results. Warren won The New York Times Innovation Whiteboard in 2012 for his umbrella light (an illumination device retrofitted into the shaft of an umbrella to indicate location to others in the dark) and was the favorite selected by James Dyson. Warren is also the author of a maker book for young adults, 23 Things to Do Before You are 11 1/2, and served as the technical editor for the young adult fiction Dewey Mac Kid Detective. His work has been featured in Popular Science, The New York Times, WIRED, BoingBoing, Vsauce, and elsewhere. He is currently a designer for Instructables and Autodesk where he shares DIY tutorials

Format: Paperback / softback, 64 Pages
ISBN: 9781609928254
Size: 7.75 in x 10.125 in x 0.375 in / 196.85 mm x 257.18 mm x 9.525 mm

"A solid offering for crafts and activities sections."- School Library Journal

"Mischievous cartoon children appear throughout, demonstrating the steps to make the projects and enjoying the fruits of their labors. DIY-minded readers (and their parents) should find plenty in these pages to keep themselves busy." - Publishers Weekly