Demolition Lab: Mega Smokestack

Demolition Lab: Mega Smokestack by SmartLab

Format: General merchandise
ISBN: 9781603803090
Publisher: SmartLab Toys
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Ker-Blam! This giant smokestack needs to come down, it's old and outdated! Kids can construct this giant, 3 foot tall smokestack, then demolish it with the powerful quad-blaster! There’s more to this demolition than making a mess though. With Demolition Lab: Mega Smokestack (and the rest of the Demolition Lab series) young demolition scientists will learn about energy, momentum, and gravity. What’s the quickest way to knock the building down? What’s the safest way? Which way scatters the least debris? Which one does the most?!
Format: General merchandise
ISBN: 9781603803090