Extreme Secret Formula Lab

Extreme Secret Formula Lab by SmartLab Toys

Format: General merchandise
ISBN: 9781603800259
Publisher: SmartLab Toys
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Put on the mad scientist lab coat, because it’s time for kids to try their hand at crazy, wild, mad science! This hotly anticipated update to You-Mix-It Secret Formula Lab provides everything you’ll need for over 20 experiments.

With the included test tubes, mix-and-measure scoop, glow-in-the-dark powder, and other items commonly found in the kitchen, kids will concoct glowing alien blood, scratch and sniff stickers, and load of other compounds that ooze, creep, and slurm.

And don’t forget your trusty lab book. The fully illustrated book is your guide to carrying out the experiments, and also includes fascinating and “eww”-inspiring facts about science.
Format: General merchandise
ISBN: 9781603800259