The Art of Drawing Fantasy Characters

The Art of Drawing Fantasy Characters by Jacob Glaser

Discover step-by-step techniques for drawing aliens, vampires, adventure heroes, and more

Format: Trade Paperback , 144 Pages
ISBN: 9781600581663
Publisher: Walter Foster
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Jacob Glaser is a professional illustrator who lives in Long Beach, CA. After earning his BFA in illustration, he worked at several companies as a staff artist and art director before becoming a full-time freelance illustrator. Jacob believes in aliens, ghosts, and all sorts of magical nonsense—possibly because he played Dungeons and Dragons too often in high school.
Format: Trade Paperback , 144 Pages
ISBN: 9781600581663
Illustrations: 300
Size: 8.75 in x 11.67 in / 222 mm x 296 mm

Glaser, Jacob. The Art of Drawing Fantasy Characters: Discover Step-by-Step Techniques for Drawing Aliens, Vampires, Adventure Heroes, and More. Walter Foster, dist. by Quayside. 2010. 144p. illus. ISBN 978-1-60058-166-3. pap. $19.95. ART INSTRUCTION

The popularity of the film Avatar has increased interest in fantasy, a perennially appealing genre. Using traditional drawing methods, Glaser, a freelance illustrator, showcases his process of drawing characters and props for science fiction, horror, and adventure stories. He encourages the study of human anatomy as a basis for drawing androids, alien beasts, zombies, and barbarian warriors. This is a good beginners' book, but it is not nearly as detailed as John Howe's Fantasy Art Workshop. — Library Journal, July 2010