Out and About Artwork by Studio 1482 Journal Collection 1

Out and About Artwork by Studio 1482 Journal Collection 1 by Veronica Lawlor

Set of two 64-page notebooks

Format: Diary, 64 Pages
ISBN: 9781592539666
Publisher: Quarry Books
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Inspiration is abound in this unique set of softcover journals from New York-based artist Veronica Lawlor. Specializing in reportage-drawing and illustrating on site, Lawlor creates thought-provoking pieces that are always captivating. Her main goal in all of this: to communicate visually in new, unique and exciting ways; Now you can, too! Featuring some of Lawlor's most interesting pieces, these journals also have plenty of blank space waiting to be filled. Experiment with your own writing and artwork -- jot down a short story, sketch out a new scene, or express yourself in any other way. Draw inspiration from Lawlor's illustrations and the meanings they communicate, building on your own abilities and achieving new levels of creativity. Whether you are an aspiring artist or a doodler, a journalist or an admirer of art, these journals will make you reach for a pen.

Veronica Lawlor is an instructor at Parsons the New School for Design, Pratt Institute, and her own Dalvero Academy. She is an illustrator and the president of Studio 1482, the illustration collective that contributed illustrations to One Drawing A Day and One Watercolor A Day. Lawlor is also a correspondent with Urban Sketchers, and her work was featured in the Quarry book: The Art of Urban Sketching, as well as in the first two issues of the Urban Sketching Handbook series.

Format: Diary, 64 Pages
ISBN: 9781592539666
Size: 6 in x 8.5 in x 0.5 in / 152.4 mm x 215.9 mm x 12.7 mm