Design: Paper A Seductive Collection of Alluring Paper Designs

Design: Paper by Public School and Public School

A Seductive Collection of Alluring Paper Designs

Format: Flex-Bind, 272 Pages
ISBN: 9781592537716
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Design: Paper is the first in a new, informative series of design documentaries which offers the best of design in practice. You'll find a curated collection of approximately 300 exquisite designs, along with detailed essays from designers in the field surrounding the essence of creating designs using paper as the medium. This inspiring book also offers personal and professional insight from the authors—mini-workshops that dissect several projects featured in the book relating to materials, craft, and construction.

Public School is a creative collective composed of designers, illustrators, and photographers. Together they've created work for clients like GOOD, LIVESTRONG, NIKE, Conde Nast, and Chronicle Books. Their work has been recognized by a variety of creative competitions and publications. They are based in Austin, TX.
Format: Flex-Bind, 272 Pages
ISBN: 9781592537716
Illustrations: 1,000
Size: 8 in x 10 in / 203 mm x 254 mm

Introduction: Cody Haltom, Public School

Chapter 1: Identity

Essay: Wasted or Sacred

Jett Butler, Föda Studio, Austin, Texas

Closer Look: The Consult, Bang Your Own Drum

Closer Look: Foreign Policy, Table No. 1

Closer Look: Lundgren & Lindqvist, Johanna Lenander

Closer Look: Bond Creative Agency, Pino

Closer Look: RoAndCo, Ten Over Six

Closer Look: Watson & Company, Luxembourg & Dayan

Closer Look: Foda Studio, Michael Hsu

Closer Look: Departement, Personal Stationery

Closer Look: Because Studio, Low Winter Sun

Chapter 2: Print

Essay: What I Use Paper For

Loz Ives, Because Studio, Preston, England

Closer Look: Chevychase, Human Scales

Chapter 3: Packaging

Essay: Taking Stock of Your Paper Choices

Roanne Adams, RoAndCo Studio, New York, New York

Closer Look: The Metric System, Illegal Burger

Closer Look: JJAAKK, Melt

Closer Look: Manual, Slice

Closer Look: Plazm, Laika House

Chapter 4: Cards & Invitations

Essay: The Hidden Talents of Ordinary Things

Kelli Anderson, New York, New York

Closer Look: Kelli Anderson, Paper Record Player

Closer Look: FBA, Austin Film Society

Closer Look: Ello There, Tyler & Anna Wedding Invitation

Closer Look: Nikolaus Schmidt Design, Holiday Card

Chapter 5: Papercraft

Essay: Embracing Imperfections

Owen Gildersleeve, London, England

Closer Look: Owen Gildersleeve, Scientific American

Closer Look: A Friend of Mine, VCE Season of Excellence


About the Author


"Edited by Austin-based creative collective Public School, "Design: Paper" gathers together some of the medium's more curious recent works, spanning the areas of identity, print, packaging, stationery and papercraft. The book explores the upside of the digital age's encroachment on paper: tangible projects may be less frequently explored now, but because of this they are now more thoughtfully designed." - Karen Day
July 27, 2012
Design: Paper, a new book by the design firm Public School, is a demonstration of the protean nature of paper in the guises of identity, print and packaging, cards and invitations, and art and craft. Cody Haltom of Public School sat down with Felt & Wire to talk about creating the book. Read More.