1000 Jewelry Inspirations (mini)

1000 Jewelry Inspirations (mini) by Sandra Salamony

Beads, Baubles, Dangles, and Chains

Format: Trade Paperback , 440 Pages
ISBN: 9781592537105
Publisher: Quarry Books
Series: 1000 Series
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A visual catalog for jewelry, bead artists, and crafters for hundreds of ideas at their fingertips to inspire their own projects.


1,000 Jewelry Inspirations is a stunning showcase of contemporary jewelry pieces that will feed the creative appetites of crafters and jewelry makers everywhere. Become inspired by this feast of color, sparkle, texture, dimension, and clever, creative use of materials. From simple and elegant to beautiful and elaborate “bling”styles, over 1,000 full-color images will be at your fingertips to inspire your own creative projects. An exploration of jewelry-making techniques will help even inexperienced jewelry makers on their way to making beautiful jewelry.


What you’ll find:


Beads and Baubles

Paper and Mixed Media

Polymer and Precious Metal Clay

Vintage and Repurposed

Fibers and Fabric

Wire and Metal

An author of various books on art techniques, home decor, and crafts, Sandra Salamony makes a living as an art director, designer, and artist in Traverse City, Michigan. Her projects and designs have been featured in magazines, books, and on television.
Format: Trade Paperback , 440 Pages
ISBN: 9781592537105
Series: 1000 Series
Illustrations: 1000
Size: 6 in x 6 in / 152 mm x 152 mm