Adventures in Bookbinding

Adventures in Bookbinding by Jeannine Stein

Handcrafting Mixed-Media Books

Format: Flex-Bind, 144 Pages
ISBN: 9781592536870
Publisher: Quarry Books
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Explore intriguing methods of combining bookbinding with specific crafts such as quilting, jewelry making, or polymer clay with Adventures in Bookbinding! With different levels of expertise including basic, novice, and expert, this book is filled with illustrated step-by-step instructions and photographs that demonstrate how to construct the cover pages, create unique bindings, and much more with a diverse range of media.

From a needle-felted journal to a quilted workbook (and many more), each project also features two other versions with the same binding geared to those with more or less experience.  The novice version is for those who have no knowledge of the craft and want shortcuts, but love the look. The expert version is for those who have a great deal of knowledge and proficiency of a certain craft—the master art quilter, for example.  For this version, an expert guest artist has created the cover and the author has created the binding.  This offers yet another creative opportunity: the collaborative project.  If you love getting involved with round-robins and other shared endeavors, this will show you yet another way to combine your skills with other crafters!

Discover endless possibilities and challenges that will forever inspire you with Adventures in Bookbinding!

Jeannine Stein has been making books for more than fifteen years, exploring bindings, mediums, and techniques. In addition to teaching book-binding, she is an award-winning journalist, and she has written extensively about paper crafts-artists' books, scrapbooking, rubber stamping, and letterpress.

"Who wouldn’t immediately fall in love with a crafty author (Re-Bound: Creating Handmade Books with Recycled and Repurposed Materials, 2009, was her first) whose first sentence proclaims, 'Books are my passion'? And through this statement, Stein expresses a love not only of reading but also of her 15-year hands-on affair with making books. The writing is clear and articulate; instructions rock, especially since all feature enough illustrations, directions, and color photographs for novices to follow. The real lure? Her 10 projects, deliberately skewed to the beginner level, but also playful enough to entice professionals. Media range from crochet and jewelry fixings to doll-fashioning and quilting. Each pattern also features two alternatives: a one-page shortcut version (read: store-bought materials like prefab dolls and costume jewelry) and a master’s option, created by another artist, not including directions. A bling-decorated sketchbook or a quilted-for-comfort workbook?" — Booklist

August 15, 2011
Jeannine Stein of the Los Angeles Times reminisces about her hobby of making books ... and teaches other how to do the same in two books she's written for Quarry Books. Read More.