Creative Illustration Workshop for Mixed-Media Artists

Creative Illustration Workshop for Mixed-Media Artists by Katherine Dunn

Seeing, Sketching, Storytelling, and Using Found Materials

Format: Spiral Bound, 144 Pages
ISBN: 9781592536368
Publisher: Quarry Books
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$24.99 / £16.99

Whether you have experience drawing or are completely new to it, this exciting workshop-style book provides practical, inspiring, and creative exercises which will expand your drawing skills and provide a framework for integrating illustration with other mixed-media techniques, With a focus on drawing what you love and what is familiar, you will be led through the development of several illustration exercises, which launch from jotted notes and eventually blossom into unique mixed-media creations. You will become familiar with a wide variety of media and approaches to drawing, learn how to work through "creative blocks," and discover ways to scan and layer your illustrations using a computer.

Katherine Dunn lives in Oregon and writes a well-followed blog “Apifera Farm: where animals, art, and lavender collide.” In her fourth year, her blog was named a Blog of Note. She often creates a short story based on characters right outside her window, illustrates it, and posts it on the blog. Katherine’s illustrations have appeared in magazines, theater, and retail outlets. Her clients have included the LA Times, Wall Street Journal, Target, Neiman Marcus, Charles Schwab, Utne Reader, and Hallmark. Her originals are shown in national galleries and are also showcased in Sundance Catalog and have been awarded in Communication Arts, Print, MNAIGA, 3x3 Magazine, and American Illustration. She recently was part of the Society of Illustrator show in NYC.

Format: Spiral Bound, 144 Pages
ISBN: 9781592536368
Illustrations: 250-300
Size: 9.31 in x 11.37 in / 236 mm x 289 mm