Little Book of Big Promotions

Little Book of Big Promotions by Lisa Cyr, Lisa Hickey and Cheryl Dangel Cullen

Format: Paperback / softback, 352 Pages
ISBN: 9781592533558
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Brimming with ideas for promotional campaigns

Designers are always looking to give their work the creative edge required to get noticed in a sea of marketing and promotion. To achieve this, they must be market savvy, innovative, and possess up-to-date production know-how.

The Little Book of Big Promotions is packed with content that offers creative inspiration. It offers hundreds of design ideas, insight into the creative process and execution, and the tools and information needed to make the right production decisions. Project details are highlighted and descriptive text dissects the essential design elements that make each promotion unique and effective.

This book will enable seasoned professionals and less-experienced designers to choose the right options for their job, budget, ability, and the market they are trying to reach.

Cheryl Dangel Cullen is a marketing and graphic design consultant who writes for several major graphic design publications. She is the author of a number of books, including The Best of Annual Report Design, Large Graphics, Small Graphics, Then Is Now, Promotion Design That Works, and the forthcoming Identity Design That Works. She lives outside Chicago, Illinois.

Lisa Hickey opened Velocity, a Boston-based advertising agency, in 1999. She has worked on national branding campaigns for a diverse range of clients, including McDonaldÆs, Fidelity, Reebok, The Yellow Pages, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, and Polaroid. Hickey has won a host of national and international awards including those from Cannes, The Museum of Modern Art, The London Show, Communication Arts, Hatch, Neba, and a Clio Award. She has also taught advertising and graphic design at the Massachusetts College of Art for the past 16 years. Hickey is the author of Design Secrets: Advertising.

Lisa Cyr is a designer/illustrator, writer, and national lecturer. She writes for Communication Arts, Step Inside Design, HOW, International Design, and Applied Arts and is the author of Brochure Design That Works (Rockport Publishers). The author lives in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.

Format: Paperback / softback, 352 Pages
ISBN: 9781592533558
Illustrations: 600 illustrations.