Subtitle From Root to Crown: Advice and Exercises to Unlock Your True Potential

Vicki Howie
Description Description

Learn to unblock your energy pathways and balance your chakras. This is your chance to awaken your true potential, you’ll just need some guidance from expert Vicki Howie and The Key to the Chakras.

The chakras are the seven centers through which energy flows in the human body. Even if you're new to the disciplineThe Key to the Chakras gives you the knowledge you need to understand each of the chakras and their associated colors, emotions, and physical actions. Discover practical techniques for healing and unblocking the chakras, and find out how the chakras can work in tandem with aura reading, crystal healing and aromatherapy to improve your life.

Perfect for those working with the chakras at beginner and intermediate level, The Key to the Chakras provides an informed overview of the seven chakras, and includes interactive lessons, meditations and exercises that will teach you to find balance and inner calm in a difficult, often chaotic world.

Series Keys To
Format Trade Paperback 192 Pages
ISBN 9781592338955
Size6.69 in x 9.61 in / 169.93 mm x 244.09 mm
Published Date October 16th, 2018
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