Subtitle Practice Living Joyfully

Barbara Ann Kipfer
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The Happiness Diary offers practical advice and exercises for cultivating a happiness practice from the author of the million-copy bestseller 14,000 Things to Be Happy About, Barbara Ann Kipfer.

Through stories, lists, thought-provoking questions, and whimsical illustrations, you will learn tangible ways to capture and record happy moments based on your own style.

Happiness is an age-old need. Yet, modern life—with its attendant pressures and disconnection—is making it more elusive. However, new science is showing that happiness is a skill set that can be taught and cultivated. With The Happiness Diary, learn how to cultivate your own happiness practice via reflective and journal exercises.

Featuring beautiful illustrations, this inspiring book presents journal prompts, reflective exercises, and inspirations that encourage reflection on what makes you truly happy. You’ll start by defining your own version of happiness, then explore different methods for starting on your happiness path. The exercises are divided by theme, including:
  • Focus on the Present Moment
  • Secrets to Mindfulness
  • Capturing the Little Things
  • Changing Your Brain
  • Sharing Happiness
By doing the exercises, you’ll get a personalized plan for cultivating mindfulness, living each day in the present moment, and finding joy in life’s everyday events.
Format Trade Paperback 160 Pages
ISBN 9781592338580
Size6.69 in x 9.06 in / 169.93 mm x 230.12 mm
Published Date March 12th, 2019
Barbara Ann Kipfer
Author of the bestseller 14,000 Things To Be Happy AboutBarbara Ann Kipfer has written more than 75 books and calendars of wit and inspiration, thesauri and dictionaries, trivia and question books, archaeology reference, and happiness and spiritually themed books. Kipfer is a professional lexicographer and holds PhDs in Linguistics, Archaeology, and Buddhist Studies.
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