The Key to Spirit Animals

The Key to Spirit Animals by Dawn Baumann Brunke

From Communication to Meditation: Advice and Exercises to Unlock Your Mystical Potential

Format: Hardback, 192 Pages
ISBN: 9781592337484
Publisher: Fair Winds Press
Series: Keys To
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Discover your spirit animal and learn to communicate with the spiritual world by unlocking the psychic tools within you.

Spirit animals provide guidance and wisdom, and can help you to lead a happier and more fulfilling life. We all have one or more spirit guides - the key is to learn how to communicate with them.

From meditation techniques to keeping a dream journal, The Key to Spirit Animals reveals different systems of communication and helps you choose the one that works best for you. Perfect for both beginner and intermediate readers, it provides an overview of all the common spirit animals, what they symbolize, and what your particular spirit animal tells you about yourself. Also included are interactive lessons and exercises that will help you discover and understand your personal guide.

Dawn Baumann Brunke is an author, animal communicator, and dream enthusiast. She has designed a Tarot deck and written six books about connecting at deeper levels with nature, animals, self, and spirit. Her works include Animal Voices (Bear & Company, 2002); AnimalVoices, Animal Guides (Bear & Company 2004/2009); Shapeshifting with Our Animal Companions (Bear & Company, 2008); Animal Teachings (CICO Books, 2012); The Animal Wisdom Tarot (CICO Books, 2013); and Dreaming with Polar Bears (Bear & Company, 2015). Dawn offers private consultations and group classes in animal communication. She lives with her husband, daughter, and animal friends in Alaska. For more, please visit her site

Format: Hardback, 192 Pages
ISBN: 9781592337484
Series: Keys To
Illustrations: 150 color photos
Size: 6.7 in x 9 in / 170.18 mm x 228.6 mm