Relationship Astrology The Beginner's Guide to Charting and Predicting Love, Romance, Chemistry, and Compatibility

Relationship Astrology by Sarah Bartlett

The Beginner's Guide to Charting and Predicting Love, Romance, Chemistry, and Compatibility

Format: Paperback / softback, 224 Pages
ISBN: 9781592337279
Publisher: Fair Winds Press
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"This entertaining, accessible and well-written book is a must for everyone interested in the astrology of love relationships." --Claire Petulengro, author of the bestselling, Love Stars

Fling or soul mate? Discover your compatibility with an admirer, lover, or long-term partner!

Why do we attract certain people to us, and why are we attracted to them? Find the answer with Relationship Astrology.

Written for beginners and intermediate star-gazers alike.

Includes all you need to know to set up an affinity chart between you and another.

Interpret every combination of planets, rising signs, and elemental energies to work out your compatibility with a new admirer, lover, or current partner.

Relationships are complex. An astrological chart reveals important information, such as emotional needs, issues around sex or power, and whether the relationship is purely physical or primed for long-term love.

Learn how Venus, Mars, and the asteroid Eros define your sexual compatibility.

Discover how Saturn signifies long-term commitment.

Identify "fated" angles in a chart.

From dizzy infatuation to sexual desire to long-term commitment or breakup, Relationship Astrology reveals everything about relating and how to make your relationships work. Whether you're already in love, still searching for a match, or in a long-term twosome, this book will help you discover the truth about your romantic path.

Sarah Bartlett is the author of several spiritual and occult books, including the bestselling Tarot Bible and the Essential Guide to Psychic Powers. An astrologer for many women's magazines such as UK Cosmopolitan, She, Spirit and Destiny, and the London Evening Standard, Sarah currently contributes to BBC Radio 2 show, Steve Wright in the Afternoon, as well as to, of which she is a founding member. She has recently written Supernatural Places for National Geographic, and The Afterlife Bible for Octopus. Dividing her time between London and the south of France, Sarah teaches and practices astrology, tarot, Wicca and other occult arts.

Format: Paperback / softback, 224 Pages
ISBN: 9781592337279
Size: 8 in x 10 in / 203.2 mm x 254 mm
Chapter 1: The Mystery of Attraction: Fate, Astrology, and Relationship Psychology
Chapter 2: Astrology Basics
Chapter 3: Astrological Affinity: Synastry and the Affinity Chart
Chapter 4: Measuring Affinity: Working with Contacts between Charts
Chapter 5: The Mirror of Love: Hooks and Lures of the First and Seventh Houses
Chapter 6: The Rising Sign and Attraction
Chapter 7: The Sun: Your Sacred Light
Chapter 8: The Moon: Attachment and Need
Chapter 9: Sun/Moon Contacts: Reflecting Each Other’s Light
Chapter 10: Venus: The Heart’s Desire
Chapter 11:Mars: Excitement and Libido
Chapter 12: Venus, Mars, and Eros: Sexual Compatibility
Chapter 13: Saturn: Binding Love
Chapter 14: Mercury: Meeting of the Minds
Chapter 15: Jupiter: Great Expectations
Chapter 16: The Outer Planets: A Twist of Fate, Illusions, and the Dark Side
Conclusion: What Next?
Appendix: Eros Tables
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