Paleo Grilling A Modern Caveman's Guide to Cooking with Fire

Paleo Grilling by Tony Federico and James Phelan

A Modern Caveman's Guide to Cooking with Fire

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Format: Paperback / softback, 176 Pages
ISBN: 9781592336128
Publisher: Fair Winds Press
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The Paleo diet is all about getting back to the basics; eating food in its most simple, unprocessed form, just like our ancestors. What could be more primal than cooking meat over a fire? This book, from Tony Federico and Chef James Phelan, features more than 100 recipes for grilling, smoking, and searing natural, locally farmed beef, chicken, pork, and wild game over fire. Paleo Grilling will help you to choose the best meats for any meal, and offers both innovative new recipes as well as internationally inspired dishes, including desserts and sides, suitable for the modern caveman.

James William Phelan spent three years harvesting and honing his skills at the acclaimed Tuscan restaurant, Lo Spiedo di Noble, in Greensboro, North Carolina. He then attended The French Culinary Institute in New York City. With an honors diploma in hand, James and his wife, Britt, moved to Jacksonville, Florida, in 2002. He began working at Restaurant Medure, in Ponte Vedra. In time, James would take the helm at Restaurant Medure, a position he would hold for three years. Next he became the Chef at the highly honored Matthew's Restaurant, as well as running the company's catering arm and a casual cafe, Take Away Gourmet. AAA recognized the restaurants at which James was the Chef with "Four Diamonds" for five consecutive years.

As his career was building, a new passion was growing stronger: health and fitness. Over the years, James noticed many gym-goers struggling with their diet. Most either ate a bland, redundant diet or cheated on their diet often. He knew he could create meals that would remedy these issues and allow people to fully reap the rewards of their hard work. In March 2011, James left the Medure Restaurant Group and started J. William Culinary, a company that produces healthy, fresh fitness meals for active people. As J. William Culinary has evolved, it has taken on the opportunity to address the needs of those with specialized dietary requirement, such as Paleo and gluten-free.

Today, J. William Culinary delivers or ships between 1,500 and 2,000 meals per week and has a client base of 400 people. With the help of Interchanges, a web strategy and development firm, and sponsorship of a highly visible professional athlete, J. William Culinary is now exposing its product to a national audience.

Tony Federico is the host of the Paleo Magazine Radio podcast and is a full-time writer, personal trainer, and wellness consultant. He earned his degree in Exercise Science from the University of Florida and is an American College of Sports Medicine certified Health and Fitness Specialist. Over the past eight years, he has worked with clients ranging from professional athletes to paraplegics. Tony recovered from a chronic knee injury by learning how to run barefoot, which led to the realization that modern technology is not always the solution to modern diseases and disorders. He incorporated the principles of Ancestral Health into the rest of his lifestyle and this helped him to overcome an eating disorder that had plagued him since childhood.

He believes in the innate intelligence and logic of the body and thinks that restoring health is a matter of working with, not against, our biology. He shares this message through his personal blog ( and through his writing, which has been featured in publications such as WOD Talk and Paleo Magazine. Tony lives in Jacksonville, Florida with his wife Jamie.

Amy Kubal is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian specializing in the Paleo Diet and performance nutrition. She is the consulting dietitian for Robb Wolf and the director of Robb’s Paleo RD Network. Additionally she is the nutrition guru for the Whole9 and Joe Friel’s Training Bible coaching. Amy has helped many clients optimize body composition and/or manage and recover from autoimmune and diet related diseases: cancer, diabetes, heart disease, IBS, renal failure, lupus, and more. Additionally, she works with a broad range of performance-focused clients made up of Olympic athletes, IronMan triathletes, professional bikers, marathoners, CrossFit games competitors, MMA fighters, Kettlebell masters, and everyday athletes.

Tony Federico graduated from the University of Florida's School of Exercise and Sports Science with a bachelor's degree in applied physiology and kinesiology and has worked full-time as a personal trainer, fitness consultant, and nutrition coach since 2006. While followin

"While most grilling books are going to hit the four meat groups, beef, pork, chicken, and sometimes lamb, this book adds ostrich, pheasant, quail, squid and much more, which is a good thing. This cookbook is filled with both those things you would expect from a grilling book and lots of things you won't typically find." -

"Paleo Grilling is more than just another cookbook; it is a way to encourage your loved ones to gather together, thanks to the joy of real food." --Sarah Fragoso,

"Tony Federico and Chef James Phelan teach all about sourcing food and what it means to cook nose-to-tail, while sharing their masterfully crafted, delicious-looking recipes. Ultimately, however, Paleo Grilling is about seeking maximum nutrition with minimal impact by connecting with our past, celebrating our present, and creating hope for our future." --Diane Sanfilippo, New York Times bestselling author of Practical Paleo