The Little Book of Kink

The Little Book of Kink by Jessica O'Reilly

Sexy Secrets for Thrilling Over-the-Edge Pleasure

Format: Trade Paperback , 144 Pages
ISBN: 9781592335749
Publisher: Quiver Books
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Kinky sex is fun, playful, exciting, and exhilarating--but it can also be dark and more than a little wild. If you want to put some "50 Shades of Grey" kind of adventure into your bedroom repertoire, but don't know where to begin, The Little Book of Kink is for you. Popular sexologist Jessica O'Reilly shows you how to take sex from nice to naughty with techniques for hotter blowjobs, mind-blowingly orgasmic positions, exciting bondage and sensation play, and hot role-playing scenarios. Jessica O'Reilly provides you with specific scenarios and techniques for each activity, including props, dialogue and mind-play to make the experience as hot as possible. Make your fantasies a reality with help from The Little Book of Kink!

Jessica O'Reilly (Dr. Jess) is a sexologist, relationship expert, and television personality who travels the globe to promote healthy and deliciously pleasurable sex. From hosting PlayboyTV's top-rated reality show, SWING, to running beachside couples' retreats in the Caribbean, she relishes in every moment.With a Ph.D. in human sexuality and an extensive resume of international experience, Dr. Jess has become the go-to expert for all things sexual. Her speaking engagements at clinical conferences, colleges/universities, corporate retreats, and entertainment events draw sold-out crowds and she keeps audiences coming back for more with her intimate knowledge of S-E-X, warm personality, and healthy sense of humor.Dr. Jess has worked with over 1,200 couples from all corners of the world to improve communication, enhance trust, overcome sexual challenges, and keep the sexual flame burning in long-term relationships. She also offers sexuality education and support for special needs youth, HIV-positive clientele, classroom teachers, cancer survivors, parents, teens, and clinicians.Dr. Jess has officially authored Hot Sex Tips, Tricks, and Licks, The Little Book of Kink, and the upcoming New Sex Bible. She is the unofficial author (not named) of the Oral Sex Deck.To learn more about Dr. Jess, please visit her website at
Format: Trade Paperback , 144 Pages
ISBN: 9781592335749
Illustrations: 50 color photos
Size: 6.5 in x 8.75 in / 165 mm x 222 mm
March 19, 2015
With the help of Jessica O'Reilly, sexologist and author of The New Sex Bible; Tanya Boulton, New York City yoga instructor and co-owner of tanya-b clothing; and Kathryn Budig, yoga teacher, author and Under Armour spokesperson, Men's Fitness rounded up 10 positions. Think you can discern which belongs on the mat and which belongs in the bedroom? Read More.