Position Sex 50 Wild Sex Positions You Probably Haven't Tried

Position Sex by Lola Rawlins

50 Wild Sex Positions You Probably Haven't Tried

Format: Trade Paperback , 160 Pages
ISBN: 9781592335077
Publisher: Quiver Books
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Stuck in a one-position nooky rut? Position Sex shows you and your partner how to spice up your sex life and be more adventurous in the bedroom (or any room, counter, or chair in the house). New in paperback, this book features beautiful full-color photographs of each hot, new position, as well as slight acrobatic variations on good old standbys, such as the missionary position. Position seX shows you how to orchestrate these positions, explains their advantages for both him and her, and shows how to handle any potential physical challenges. In addition to new positions, Position Sex also provides tips on sexual accoutrements—including dildoes, vibrators, sexy lingerie, and lubricants—to further spice up your fun.
Lola Rawlins (New York, NY) is the author of Position Sex. She has edited several sex books related to harnessing sexual energy and taking it for a ride. She has been researching creative positions for years, counts on trying a new one tonight, and hopes you do, too.
Format: Trade Paperback , 160 Pages
ISBN: 9781592335077
Illustrations: 50 illustrations
Size: 5.75 in x 5.75 in / 146 mm x 146 mm



No. 1: Lock & Load

No. 2: Wide Release

No. 3: Thighs Wide Shut

No. 4: Banana Split

No. 5: Rump Romp

No. 6: Pillow Pleasures

No. 7: Sit 'n' Spin

No. 8: Slice of Heaven

No. 9: Body Surfing

No. 10: Octopussy

No. 11: V-O Max

No. 12: Gift Wrap

No. 13: Crouching Tiger

No. 14: View Master

No. 15: Upside-Down Cake

No. 16: All the Right Angles

No. 17: Backseat Driver

No. 18: Lusty Layback

No. 19: Sitting Pretty

No. 20: High Heels

No. 21: Tight Delight

No. 22: Spoon Bender

No. 23: Power Play

No. 24: Downtown Train

No. 25: Clit Control

No. 26: Primal Pumping

No. 27: Like a Prayer

No. 28: Corkscrew

No. 29: Trisex Dips

No. 30: Standing O

No. 31: Lap of Luxury

No. 32: Hello Dolly!

No. 33: Valuable Assets

No. 34: Randy Roulette

No. 35: Prime Rib

No. 36: Spoonful of Sugar

No. 37: Rocking Horse

No. 38: Carnal Crossbow

No. 39: Fold & Fondle

No. 40: Tidal Wave

No. 41: Side Saddle

No. 42: Sizzling Scissors

No. 43: Make a Wish

No. 44: Queen for a Day

No. 45: Bedtime Stories

No. 46: X-Games

No. 47: Over the Edge

No. 48: Splitting Wood

No. 49: Up & Away

No. 50: Crossleg Canoodle