The Ultimate Body Shaping Bible

The Ultimate Body Shaping Bible by Karon Karter

Get in the Best Shape of Your Life with Targeted Workouts That Tone and Tighten Everything

Format: Paperback / softback, 288 Pages
ISBN: 9781592333905
Publisher: Fair Winds Press
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$22.99 / £14.99

Your get-gorgeous encyclopedia packed with 300 step-by-step photos! Drawing from several fitness approaches, including cardio, Pilates, yoga, free weights, and interval and strength training, veteran fitness trainer Karon Karter will get your body in the best shape it can be. Karter gives readers the fastest solutions for every body issue they face, from saggy butts to slack arms, by offering an incredible range of exercises that fit every need. The Ultimate Body Shaping Bible provides several workouts for each body area that can be chosen by fitness level (beginner, intermediate, advanced) and done in minutes. Each workout includes several exercises designed to hit a specific area to get maximum results fast. Also includes efficient, heart-pumping cardio sessions to get your excess fat burned off quickly.

Karon Karter (Dallas, TX) is an exercise guru featured on The Natural Wellness Channelu2019s Pilates for Real Bodies. She is the author of The Six-Week Bikini Countdown, The Core Strength Workout, and Pilates Lite.
Format: Paperback / softback, 288 Pages
ISBN: 9781592333905
Size: 8.125 in x 10 in x 0.75 in / 206.38 mm x 254 mm x 19.05 mm
Karter, Karon. The Ultimate Body Shaping Bible. Fair Winds Pr. Apr. 2009. c.288p. photogs. ISBN 978-1-59233-390-5. $19.99. HEALTH
Verdict: Few “body Bibles” can compete with this guide’s clarity and organization. Each exercise is accompanied by a summary of the payoffs, required equipment, and recommended frequency/duration. While the flippant explanations of the payoffs (e.g., “Defines your flappage!”) can be ambiguous, the color photos of fitness trainer Karter ( and the clear descriptions easily compensate. An infinitely useful guide for readers at all fitness levels. 
Background: Karter draws from weight training, strength work, Pilates, and yoga to present a regimen targeted to every body area. Eleven chapters are divided among three sections that focus on the core, the upper body, and the lower body. Readers follow one of four fitness-level tracks: beginner, intermediate, advanced, or super-advanced. Tips are interspersed throughout, as are mini anatomy lessons, prescribed cardio routines, and diet guidelines.  -- Library Journal, Xpress Review