Grow a Living Wall

Grow a Living Wall by Shawna Coronado

Create Vertical Gardens with Purpose: Pollinators - Herbs and Veggies - Aromatherapy - Many More

Format: Paperback / softback, 160 Pages
ISBN: 9781591866244
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Sometimes called "Green Walls" or "Vertical Gardens," living walls are easier than ever to plan and grow! Grow a Living Wall is the first wall-gardening book to focus exclusively on the needs of home gardeners.

Make your vertical garden environmentally friendly and sustainable. It's easy with author Shawna Coronado's help! One of her themed vertical gardens is stocked mostly with flowers to make it a haven for bees and other pollinators. Other gardens are filled with vegetables and herbs so anyone with an outdoor wall can grow their own food - beautifully!

Even more gardens promote aromatherapy or medicinal plants. Some are designed to provide a green net of air filtration near a living area, or to protect exterior walls from exposure to direct sunlight, which helps to keep the indoors cool.

In addition to the comprehensive, step-by-step information that explains the basics of vertical gardening, each of the 20 featured gardens has its own chapter filled with useful tips, stunning photography, and fascinating background stories that point out how much difference a small garden can make.

Like author Shawna herself, the gardens you'll find in Grow a Living Wall are positive, life affirming, and sure to produce a smile or two.

Shawna Coronado is an author, columnist, blogger, photographer, and spokesperson for organic gardening, green lifestyle living, and culinary preparation who campaigns for social good. Shawna's goal in authoring gardening and green lifestyle books is to promote a world initiative to encourage healthy and sustainable living. Shawna was featured as a Chicago Tribune "Remarkable Woman" and speaks internationally on building community, simple urban garden living, and green lifestyle tips for the everyday person. Shawna lives in the western suburbs of Chicago where she has a suburban front lawn vegetable garden. This adventurous garden is highlighted in all her books and has been featured in many media venues including radio, and TV. Her organic living photographs and stories have been shown both online and off in many international home and garden magazines and multiple books. You can learn more about her at

"It's a fantastic book by an inspirational and creative force in the gardening world." -

"...a great guide to creating a garden that everyone can look up to." - The Oregonian/Oregon Live

"Shawna Coronado explains how to make the most of a really small space: a wall. In less than 2 square feet of floor space, Coronado nurtures a tower of herbs, vegetables and flowering plants for pollinators." - Chicago Tribune

"Coronado believes gardeners are still stuck on the ground, in containers or with limited floor space. Living Wall is her guide to growing vertically - but doing it well. Take the traditional square foot garden of 1 to 16 plants in a square foot area and then duplicate and go up. Thirty-five plants + will grab only one square foot of floor space. The higher you go, the more the harvest. This is a detailed, comprehensive guide" -

"In her latest garden book, proponent of green-style living, photographer, columnist, and garden lecturer Coronado (Illinois Getting Started Garden Guide; Indiana Getting Started Garden Guide) urges readers to "grow up" by using vertical space in creative and purposeful ways. Twenty themed projects employ an array of various hardscape and plant materials to create living walls. Step-by-step instructions outline plant selection, required tools and materials, and installation techniques. The colorful photos supplementing the text show that many of these compact hanging or standing gardens look like garden-show entries. A range of budgets and styles are offered. Projects may be simple, such as hanging a planted container on a gate, or more challenging, with greenery that covers a wall. Readers can choose from examples of culinary, herbal, pollinator, or aromatherapy gardens. Several plans address different environs and types of spaces--balconies, for example, or shaded areas. Each project has at least one purpose, which may be to help the environment, set a mood, embellish landscapes, or grow edibles. The author successfully demonstrates how to grow imaginative and purposeful space-saving gardens on an upright plane. VERDICT A green thumbs up! All levels of garden hobbyists and landscapers will enjoy this upbeat book." - Library Journal