Beginner's Illustrated Guide to Gardening

Beginner's Illustrated Guide to Gardening by Katie Elzer-Peters

Techniques to Help You Get Started

Format: Paperback / softback, 192 Pages
ISBN: 9781591865339
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Beginner's Illustrated Guide to Gardening is a one-stop, easy to understand, beautifully designed book with step-by-step instructions and photographs for every important gardening and landscaping technique. New homeowners with no prior knowledge of landscape care will learn how to turn their yards from weedy, overgrown patches to gorgeous landscapes that are the envy of their neighbors. Young gardeners or new gardeners will learn - the right way - how to take care of everything from perennials to shrubs to their vegetable gardens, ensuring success the first time around. This is the one book that every gardener should have on their bookshelf.

Katie Elzer-Peters is a horticulturist who writes gardening books, blogs, and articles. A resident of Wilmington, North Carolina, she also teaches classes and runs workshops dedicated to gardening and garden writing. She has an MS degree in public garden management and has published several renowned books with Cool Springs Press.

March 12, 2012
Gardening can be overwhelming to the beginner. But Katie Elzer-Peters, the author of "Beginner's Illustrated Guide to Gardening, Techniques to Help You Get Started," says you should start slowly and build your way to the garden of your dreams. Read More.