Any Size, Anywhere Edible Gardening

Any Size, Anywhere Edible Gardening by William Moss

The No Yard, No Time, No Problem Way To Grow Your Own Food

Format: Paperback / softback, 200 Pages
ISBN: 9781591865087
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Edibles continue to be popular choices for gardeners, and beginning gardeners are no exception. Author William Moss takes a beginning gardener through all the steps needed to grow vegetables and fruits in any setting, regardless of the available (or desired) size. This book covers container gardening, vertical gardening, raised-bed gardening, and traditional methods to help gardeners everywhere bring a taste of homegrown freshness to their gardening experience.
William Moss inspires people to Get Out & Grow. As a trusted authority in greening, gardening, and urban agriculture, he connects with audiences and explains how to make healthier choices that improve their lives, their communities, and their environment. Coined the Garden Boss for his in-depth knowledge and sound advice, William uses his landscaping know-how and charming personality to engage, educate, and entertain audiences with relevant, informative content. William is the host of HGTVÆs Dig In, a greening contributor for The Early Show on CBS, and a QVC gardening guest.
Format: Paperback / softback, 200 Pages
ISBN: 9781591865087
Illustrations: 140 color photos
Size: 7 in x 10 in x 0.5 in / 177.8 mm x 254 mm x 12.7 mm
1 Small Space Veggie Gardens: The Perks & Ground Rules 
2 Types of Small Space Gardens 
3 Time-Saving Tips 
4 How to Grow Veggie All-Stars 
5 Get Out & Grow! Tomatoes 
6 Top Tomato Picks 
Appendix A: Veggies for Special Sites 
Appendix B: Best Management Practices 
Hardiness Zone Map 
Meet William Moss 
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"…if you live in limited quarters, are just starting out, and want to grow most-likely-to-succeed plants, have a read." - The Philadelphia Inquirer

“Moss offers ideas for finding space to garden, techniques for creating and maintaining gardens and basic growing information. The bulk of the book, however, is dedicated to details about plants that grow well in compact spaces, with an entire chapter devoted to that all-time favorite, the tomato.” - Akron Beacon Journal

"Besides the usual how-to information, Moss offers a chapter that focuses on different types of small gardens, ranging from a container or trellis on a balcony to a small backyard or plot in a community garden." - Country Gardens Magazine (Better Homes & Gardens)