The Quilter's Palette

The Quilter's Palette by Katy Denny

A Workbook of Color & Pattern, Ideas & Effects

Format: Trade Paperback , 224 Pages
ISBN: 9781589237995
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It is an everyday challenge for crafters of all types to make choices about color, pattern and texture for their projects. The range of options makes this challenge nearly impossible and often the end result can be disappointing. Fear not! The Quilter's Palette offers readers more than 400 color swatches and a library of 60 different color palette combinations to help guide quilters in their choices for each project. The Quilter's Palette is a comprehensive guide to the myriad color and texture choices available and offers inspiration and instructions for getting the final results you want with each project. Each chapter tackles a new technique, along with palettes and swatches. Each palette illustrates variations on effects, patterns, and designs. Whether you are a beginner or intermediate quilter, this instructive guide helps you choose successful fabric combinations and define your unique project style. The Quilter's Palette is perfect for exploring color and texture combinations in a visually appealing and instantly understandable way. Each palette offers a specific theme that allows you to see what the result will be before jumping in. With over 150 fabric combinations arranged in 52 palettes and divided into easy-to-understand chapters, each revealing a different aspect of color or pattern, this book will provide you with eight full quilt designs with illustrated step-by-step instructions and 50 quilt block patterns with templates.

Katy Denny is an experiences craft editor and writer. She has been quilting and sewing since she was a teenager. Her work has appeared in bookazine Love Patchwork. She lives in the south of London.
Format: Trade Paperback , 224 Pages
ISBN: 9781589237995
Illustrations: 500 color photos & illustrations
Size: 7.5 in x 9.5 in / 191 mm x 241 mm

"The choice of fabric—in terms of both color and pattern—can make or break a sewing project. In this workbook, quilter Denny illustrates the principles of design and color theory using quilt blocks as examples. Rather than simply explaining what complementary colors are and showing them on a color wheel, Denny demonstrates how these colors work together via a fiery orange and royal blue friendship star block. She lists the designer, color, and print on each of the fabrics used in the blocks, allowing quilters to duplicate them (or help them to find a fabric that they really love). Full directions for each of the sample blocks are included, and they could easily be sewn into a Farmer's Wife–style sampler. Nine full-size projects reinforce the techniques in the book. VERDICT Color and pattern are hot topics on modern quilting blogs, but what elevates Denny's book above the chatter is the combination of useful lessons and real-world sewing." — Library Journal