Yarn Works How to Spin, Dye, and Knit Your Own Yarn

Yarn Works by W. Johnson

How to Spin, Dye, and Knit Your Own Yarn

Format: Paperback / softback, 192 Pages
ISBN: 9781589237889
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Yarn Works is the ultimate sheep to sweater reference book for fiber enthusiasts everywhere. Have you ever wondered what the best spin method is for a chunky yarn? Or how to dye fiber to the color you want? Or perhaps your yarn isn't holding its shape when you knit... This how-to book answers all of those questions and more in a detailed, behind-the-science manner. The better you understand the science behind the subject, the better you'll be at applying your creative inspiration to spinning, dyeing, and knitting your own yarn. This book is divided into four main sections - Fiber Workshop, Spin Workshop, Dye Workshop, and Knit Workshop - and includes a brief history on each subject. Each short, informational workshop takes you through the essential learning activities for spinning, dyeing, and knitting, giving you the hands-on experience you'll need to master the subject. Follow yarn from its fiber beginnings, through the process of spinning, to dyeing the spun yarn with natural and synthetic dyes, and finally finish off by using your new yarn in fun projects. Whether you're a knitter interested in learning to spin and dye your own yarn; or a current spinner or dyer looking for inspiration, you'll find everything you need to know about the subject of yarn in this book, along with some great exercises to get your creative juices flowing.

Wendy J. Johnson is a fiber artist, teacher, photographer, author, and graphic artist. She spins and knits at the same kitchen table she shared with her grandmother--now located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. www.SagaHill.com

"Knitters and crocheters are often drawn to handspinning as a way to further connect with the materials that they use. In this beginner's guide, fiber arts instructor Johnson introduces the basics of fiber selection, spinning, dyeing, and knitting with hand-spun yarn. Each part of the process has its own dedicated chapter that addresses historical context, basic supplies or techniques, and "workshops" that delve more deeply into the hows and whys of the technique. The information in the fiber selection and preparation chapter is fairly standard, but specific chapters include a lot of useful information, particularly on using spinning wheels and employing natural or acid dyes. Johnson places a good deal of focus on the meditative nature of handspinning, which is ideal for knitters who use their craft as a way to relax. VERDICT This guide provides an excellent jumping-off point for those who are curious about handspinning and hand dyeing." - Library Journal

"The layout of the book allows for a concentration of information and details while keeping the reader engaged... Her focus is Swedish textile arts and this book is an amazing compendium of fiber details told with humor and attention to detail, rarely seen in craft books." - Handweaver's Guild of America

" 'There is no yajna (sacrifice) greater than spinning calculated to bring peace to the troubled spirit...' - Gandhi. He spun every evening for its 'rhythm, music, poetry, romance...and spiritual solace.' If you spin, you understand. If your goal is to learn to spin, with this book you are on your way. Then take it to the next step." - Examiner.com