Making Trousers for Men & Women

Making Trousers for Men & Women by David Coffin

A Multimedia Sewing Workshop

Format: Paperback / softback, 144 Pages
ISBN: 9781589234499
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Comfortable, flattering pants can be challenging to make - but they're wonderful to wear. In this book, David Coffin provides his inventive, sure-fire methods for getting it right.

With his characteristic precision and straight talk - and with the help of photographs, drawings, and exclusive access to a series of online video sequences - Coffin teaches the reader how to get great results, whether making a showcase garment or just whipping out an everyday pair.

For more information and book-related extras, visit, David Coffin's blog all about making trousers and specifically designed for the readers of this book.

David Page Coffin’s career as a sewing expert, teacher, and writer began with a self-published how-to book about making custom shirts, which became a bestseller and led to an 18-year editor’s post at Threads magazine, where both his sewing and publishing skills found a worldwide audience. Coffin is also the author/creator of the authoritative and bestselling sewing books Making Trousers for Men & Women and The Shirtmaking Workbook, hundreds of sewing articles, two Craftsy classes, and YouTube videos with hundreds of thousands of views. He has taught workshops throughout the United States and Canada and in the UK, appeared on nationally syndicated sewing shows, and been a featured host on various sewing bulletin boards and websites. He lives in Brookings, Oregon, with his wife Ellen.

Format: Paperback / softback, 144 Pages
ISBN: 9781589234499
Illustrations: 259
Size: 8.56 in x 10 in x 0.5 in / 217.42 mm x 254 mm x 12.7 mm
How to Use This Book and DVD
Introduction: Beyond Fit and Style
Chapter 1: Learning from Custom and Ready-to-Wear Garments
            What is Quality Construction?
            Alpha and Omega: L.L. Bean Jeans and YSL Couture
            Mid-level Ready-to-Wear
            High-level Ready-to-Wear
            Men’s and Women’s Custom-Tailored Trousers
            Men's Vintage Custom-Tailored Trousers
            A Few Conclusions
Chapter 2: Tools and Materials
Sewing and Pressing Tools
Gluing Supplies and Marking Tools
Outer and Inner Fabrics
Pocketing Fabrics
Chapter 3: Basic Construction
Construction Sequence
Master Patterns vs. Styled Patterns
Allowances and Outlets
Before You Cut
Adding a Cut-On Waistband
Piecing the Fork
Staying the Fork
Chapter 4: Pockets
Bag Basics
On-Seam Pockets
Piping with Leather and Fabric
Slant Pockets
Expanding-Waist Pockets
Double Welts, Curved, and Straight
Single Welts and Flaps
Machine-Tacking and Topstitching
Zipper Pockets and Other Security Features
Chapter 5: Closures
Three Zipper Styles
Add-On Waistband
Extended Waistband
Button Flies
Keyhole Buttonholes
Belt-Loop Options
Chapter 6: More Construction Details
Lining Flaps
Stitching the Crotch
Shaping the Legs
Hand Stitches
Binding Edges
Ready-Made Waistband Finishes
Afterthought Pleat Stays
Chapter 7: Gallery of Garments
Further Information
DVD Contents