The Complete Photo Guide to Framing and Displaying Artwork

The Complete Photo Guide to Framing and Displaying Artwork by Vivian Carli Kistler

500 Full-Color How-to Photos

Format: Paperback / softback, 192 Pages
ISBN: 9781589234222
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Step-by-step color photos for all areas of matting and framing; the information is complete, accurate, and up-to-date. This book includes top-notch instructions for archival framing—the correct methods and materials for preserving photos and artwork for posterity. The author also provides inspiration and helpful examples to show people how to display their artwork using basic design principles in a manner that is easily grasped. There are important techniques to follow for success—even the basic mechanics of hanging a picture.

Vivian Carli Kistler is a leading picture framing expert and in worldwide demand. She owned and operated a large retail gallery and frame shop for over twenty years. Vivian is the author of numerous books and videos, including the seven-volume Library of Professional Picture Framing. Her monthly articles appear in Art World News, Picture Framing Magazine and Profile magazine.

Format: Paperback / softback, 192 Pages
ISBN: 9781589234222
Illustrations: 500
Size: 8.5 in x 11 in x 0.625 in / 215.9 mm x 279.4 mm x 15.875 mm
Introduction: the Goals of Picture Framing
            DIY Framing
            Parts of a Frame Job
            The Goals of Picture Framing
            Archival Framing
            A Word about Professional Picture Framers
            How Long Will it Last? 
Picture Frames
            Anatomy of a picture frame
            Historic Styles of Frames
            Measuring Frames
            Standard sizes in picture framing
            Ready made frames
            Sectional wood and metal frames
Matboards and Mats
            The Purpose of the Mat
            What is Matboard?
            Acids in Matboard
            Types of Matboard
            The Size of the Mat      
            Mat styles and their Visual Effect
            Using Ready-made Mats
Glazing: Glass and Acrylic
            Purpose in framing
            Glass and Plastic for Picture Framing
            Types of Glazing Used in Framing
The Tools of the Trade: Basic Supplies
            Hand Tools
            Measuring Tools
            Boards for Framing: Types and Uses
            Supplies for Fitting
            Finishing the Back of the Frame
            Miscellaneous supplies
Color Theory and Trends
            Very Basic Color Theory
            Basic Color Terminology
            Favorite Colors
            Color and Design Trends
Designing Picture Framing
            Criteria for Making Choices
            Putting the Concepts into Practice
            White Mats on Everything
            Using Official Colors
            Size, Proportion and Style          
Doing the Math in Picture Framing
            Measuring Unmatted Artwork
            Measuring Art for Mats
            Alternative Mat Openings
            Mat Mathematics
            Doing the Math for a Double Mat          
            Designing Mats to Fit Ready-made Frames
            Designing a Double-opening Mat
Cutting Mats
            Mat Cutters
            Trimming Boards to Size
            Cutting Mats: Sharp Blades and Slip Sheets
            Cutting a Single Mat
            Cutting a Perfect Double Mat
            Cutting a Double-Opening Mat
            Cutting an Oval-Opening Mat
Mat Decoration
            Fabric-covered Mats
            Paper-covered Mats
            Surface Embellishments
            French Matting
            Fillets and Other “Window Accents”
            Embossed Groove
Building Frames
            Building Sectional Frames
            Custom Frames for the DIY Framer
            Measuring Moulding for Custom Frames
            Cutting Wood Frames
            Building Wood Frames
Cutting Glass and Plastic
            Cutting and Cleaning Glass: Tools and Method
            Cutting and Cleaning Plastic: Tools and Method
Fitting: Finishing the Framing
            The Sandwich Fit
            Filler Boards
            Sealing Wood Frames
            Choosing the Hanging Hardware           
            Basic Fitting Procedure for Wood Frames
            Fitting Metal Frames
            Installing Easel Backs   
            Fitting Needlework and Art on Paper
            Fitting Art on Canvas
            Fitting Shadow Boxes               
Framing Art on Paper
            Types of Art on Paper
            Designing Framing for Art on Paper
            Standard Attachments
            Archival Attachments
            Cleaning Art on Paper
            Special Handling Tips
Framing Art on Canvas
            Types of Art on Canvas
            Designing Framing for Art on Canvas
            Stretching Canvas
            Special Handling Tips   
Framing Needlework and Fabric
            Types of Needlework
            Designing Framing for Needlework
            Stretching Methods
            Special Handling Tips
Shadowboxes: Framing Objects
            Types of Objects
            Designing Framing for shadowboxes
            Making Space for Objects
            Special Handling Tips   
The Art of Displaying Framed Art and Objects
            Choosing Locations
            Hanging Pictures
            Arranging Frames on the Wall   
            Local and online
Kistler, Vivian Carli. The Complete Photo Guide to Framing and Displaying Artwork. Creative Pub: Quayside. 2009. c.192p. illus. index. ISBN 978-1-58923-422-2. pap. $24.99. ART INSTRUCTION

Framing can potentially enhance a work of art or destroy an artist’s intentions. Kistler, a leading framing expert and author of numerous books and articles on the subject, teaches the do-it-yourselfer to frame like a pro. Hundreds of photos illustrate conservation matting, working with premade elements or frame-building from scratch, glazing, and hanging.  -- Library Journal, July 2009