Studebaker Lark 1959-1966 Photo Archive

Studebaker Lark 1959-1966 Photo Archive
Format: Paperback / softback, 126 Pages
ISBN: 9781583883273
Publisher: Enthusiast Books
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On the brink of bankruptcy in 1956, Studebaker needed a new car to survive. The result was the 1959 Lark. Designed to cut costs the Lark was kept simple. Sales in 1959 were good. In fact, it was the best sales year for Studebaker since 1950. Ultimately, the Lark was not enough to keep Studebaker alive but it added years to the company's life. Lark models have continued to gain popularity with collectors and they're attractive, fun to drive and some models are fast. High quality photos and in-depth captions bring you the entire line of Larks from the first to the last.

The author

Ed Reynolds grew up near South Bend, Indiana, not far from the Studebaker Proving Ground. His father, E. T. Reynolds, worked in the Engineering Department for Studebaker. As a boy Ed was always interested in Studebaker and was privy to what was going on in Studebaker engineering. He was also able to make visits to the Proving Ground where prototypes of new models were frequently seen. In addition, the company car his father drove home was usually a prototype, which engineers used as company cars after introduction. After a year or two the cars were scrapped. Ed personally rode in many of the cars pictured in this book.Ed currently owns a business named "Studebaker International" and is the largest manufacturer and supplier of Studebaker parts. The company specializes in rubber door and glass seals, emblems and trim items as well as mechanical and hard to find N.O.S. parts.

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Format: Paperback / softback, 126 Pages
ISBN: 9781583883273
Illustrations: 121 b-w photos
Size: 10.1 in x 8.4 in / 256.54 mm x 213.36 mm