Harry Reynolds
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This detailed illustrated history describes the emergence in North America of the 500cc displacement road racing cars known as FIIIs. It ranges from the start in 1950 right up to current Vintage racing, with descriptions of the cars, courses, organizations holding race events and the people involved, outlining the vast differences from the east coast vs. the west coast. Period photographs and other graphics are reproduced, many for the first time in print. The transition to FIV cars is discussed. By 1964, the initial movement was over and cars were idled, but within a few years, interest in Vintage road racing began, and gradually, many of the existing cars were reactivated. Both east and west coast Vintage events are covered, again with photographs and other images. This book also contains much road racing history (1950-1964), apart from that of the FIII class. Appendices cover surviving cars (both Coopers and other marques) with recent photographs of most. Other appendices cover racing organizations and a variety of technical topics related to racing the cars. No similar book on this subject exists until now.
Format Trade Paperback 272 Pages
ISBN 9781583882429
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Published Date March 15th, 2010
Harry Reynolds
With an early interest in automobiles, Harry Reynolds began competition in Pennsylvania hillclimbs, winning a championship in 1962. He competed in SCCA Club Racing for twenty years, winning National Championships in 1971 and 1972. Following this, he entered the then emerging sport of vintage road roacing. He still engeres a race or two every year with his 1953 Kieft FIII car. Reynold's son continues the family interest in motor sporst, working as a purchasing agent and over-the-wall crew member for the Penske Indycar team.
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