Indy Cars 1911-1939

Indy Cars 1911-1939 by Karl Ludvigsen

Great Racers from the Crucible of Speed

Format: Paperback / softback, 125 Pages
ISBN: 9781583881514
Publisher: Enthusiast Books
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When a group of Indianapolis businessmen built a 2 1/2-mile track and decided to stage a 500-mile race in 1911 it was an epic undertaking with a huge purse for the times that drew racers from Europe as well as America. Delage, Peugeot, Ballot and Mercedes cars came to win dollars and inspire America's racing-car builders, Harry Miller and the Duesenberg brothers. Soon these native talents came to dominate the 500-mile race, introducing supercharging and front-wheel drive with great success in the 1920s and 16-cylinder engines in the 1930s. This new book in the Ludvigsen Library Series covers racers through the 1930s, completing the Series' sweeping panorama of the cars that raced in the ''500'' from 1911 to the end of the 1970s. Many rare photos from the earliest days of Indy bring the cars, engines and personalities of these pioneering years to life. The drama of their achievements made the Indianapolis 500 the world's greatest auto race.

Karl Ludvigsen has a distinguished record of accomplishment at senior levels throughout the worldwide motor industry. He has received wide recognition for his work as an editor, journalist, historian and author. Not only has he been employed at senior levels with Ford of Europe, Fiat North America, and General Motors, but he has also been involved in editorial roles with Motor Trend magazine, Auto Age, and Sports Car Illustrated and Car and Driver. Ludvigsen is in demand from the press of North America and Europe as a source of information on industry trends, and he is a frequent speaker at conferences. Currently, Ludvigsen acts as Chairman of Ludvigsen Associates Limited (a consulting company), Managing Director of Euromotor Reports Limited and Director of Ludvigsen Library Limited.

Format: Paperback / softback, 125 Pages
ISBN: 9781583881514
Illustrations: B&W Ill: 121
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Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Dec. 5, 2006

“You’ll come away intrigued by the variables available within four wheels and approximately three decades. The late Tom McRae, co-founder of the Granbury-based Great Race, commissioned two recreations of mid-‘30s, Buick-powered Indy cars, and in reading Ludvigsen’s book it’s easy to appreciate McRae’s fascination.”