Subtitle A Guide to Understanding Card Meaning and Spreads

Rebecca Falcon
Price $16.99 / £12.99
Description Description Learn how to read tarot cards and use them as a tool for personal growth with the information and exercises in this beautifully designed workbook.

Tarot reading is an ancient and powerful divination method that can also be harnessed to explore and deepen your emotional and spiritual life. Through the straightforward and engaging exercises in this workbook, you’ll explore: 
  • The meanings of the major and minor arcana
  • Methods for understanding the significance of each card in the deck
  • Essential tarot spreads and when to use them
  • The ways tarot can help you navigate your life
With real-world exercises and practice readings, reflection prompts, and art activities, all accompanied by full-color illustrations, Tarot is a fun, accessible, and innovative introduction to the cards.

The In Focus Workbooks series from Wellfleet Press presents hands-on introductions to a wide range of mystical topics. The exercises in each book offer enlightening activities, guided journal prompts, and opportunities to practice newfound skills in disciplines such as tarot reading and chakra healing in the real world. With full-color interiors and beautiful illustrations, the In Focus Workbooks are attractive, practical, and fun guides for newcomers to the mystical arts.

Also available: Chakras
Format Trade Paperback 168 Pages
ISBN 9781577153030
Size8.25 in x 10.92 in / 209.55 mm x 277.37 mm
Published Date April 5th, 2022
Rebecca Falcon
Rebecca Falcon grew up in Hewlett, New York and currently resides on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Her love of puzzles started when her mother would create crosswords using her spelling words, and has only grown since.  Her work has been published with The New York Times, The Inkubator and the American Values Club. In addition to constructing puzzles, she works towards making the puzzle world more inclusive. Outside of the puzzles, Falcon works in operations for Broadway shows and film festivals.
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