Everyday Economics Made Easy

A Quick Review of What You Forgot You Knew

Everyday Economics Made Easy
$21.99 / £14.99
Format: Hardback, 160 Pages
ISBN: 9781577152354
Publisher: Wellfleet Press
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This easy-to-understand and fully illustrated handbook teaches essential economic thinking, topics, and concepts so you can confidently apply economic reasoning in daily situations and discussions.

For many of us, the discipline of economics conjures up the idea of an inaccessible, challenging, and complicated realm. In reality, we are embedded in our economies and therefore need to think and engage along economic lines and applications every day—in the public square, in our own households, in the workplace, at the supermarket, at the bank, technologically, globally, and environmentally. Economic insight and knowledge can easily and quickly solve a curiosity or problem, avoid a minor catastrophe, or even help provide empirical support for your own economic "hunch" or theory. With Everyday Economics Made Easy, economics comes down from the ivory tower and to the forefront of your consciousness, teaching the most important basic economic concepts, history, debates, areas, and ways of thinking about economic issues—all while fostering your own ability to personalize the discipline of economics to help you to become your own favorite economist.

Using an encouraging voice throughout, each chapter is devoted to a specific economic topic and explains the underlying questions, approaches, and analysis in a simple and easy-to-understand way. Step-by-step instructions on a wide range of topics are enforced with sidebars on how to engage, interact, think through, and resolve economic issues and questions satisfactorily, focusing especially on the following topics:
  • The scope, purpose, and various definitions of economics
  • The tools and theoretical approaches economists use
  • The rich history of economic thought and its continued relevance today
  • The contributions of notable economists
  • The areas of microeconomic, macroeconomic, and international economic analysis
  • The way economics conceptualizes and accounts for the environment (or fails to)
Complete with graphic fonts, colors, diagrams, and illustrations, Everyday Economics Made Easy is a calm and patient tutor to help you appreciate, theorize, debate, and logically construct the how and why of economic thinking and analysis, its importance, and its application to common, experienced, daily economic-related dilemmas. Build your skills as an economist with confidence in no time at all! Also included is a poster that consolidates the economic areas, theories, concepts and tools covered throughout the book to use as a quick-and-easy reference guide.

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The author

Grace Wynter is a writer and freelance editor. She holds a BBA in economics and an MBA in Marketing from Georgia State University. Grace is a regular contributor to Writer Unboxed—a Writer’s Digest Best of the Best Websites for Writers, and her work has been featured on CNN.com and the Huffington Post. When she’s not alternating between the Marvel and DC universes, she resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Format: Hardback, 160 Pages
ISBN: 9781577152354
Illustrations: 200
Size: 5.91 in x 9.02 in / 150.11 mm x 229.11 mm