Everyday Grammar Made Easy

A Quick Review of What You Forgot You Knew

Everyday Grammar Made Easy
$19.99 / £14.99
Format: Hardback, 160 Pages
ISBN: 9781577152279
Publisher: Wellfleet Press
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For both adults and students who want to brush up on basic grammar skills, this easy-to-understand and fully illustrated handbook teaches the important and commonly encountered grammar concepts and basics using real-life situations. Confidently apply perfect grammar usage by learning:
  • Correct verb agreements
  • Appropriate pronoun use
  • Common grammar pitfalls
  • Common spelling mistakes
  • And more
Build your grammar skills and confidence day by day in no time at all! 

Get a quick review of everything you forgot you knew with the Everyday Learning series from Wellfleet Press. Need a refresher course in topics like grammar and math? Then let these handy reference books be your sidekicks on your journey to higher learning. You’ll learn about timeless global topics, as well as the thought leaders responsible for some of the greatest contributions in the worlds of science, art, and more. Packed with useful information, these portable books are perfect for commuters who want to jump-start their day with useful and fun facts. With the Everyday Learning series, you’ll be an expert in any field in no time. 

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The author

Rod Mebane is known for his ability to simplify complex things and to present them in compelling ways. In the early 1990s, for example, while living in Dallas, Rod decided to study Spanish at a local community college and (for *fun*) published Más Fácil---a Prentice Hall textbook that contains the rules of Spanish grammar in less than 100 pages of text. In 2020, Rod's professional grammar focus broadened to include English with his publication of Everyday Grammar, from Wellfleet Press. Exceptional analytical and presentation skills have served Rod well in his career---one that is anchored by a number of significant positions, including university treasurer, foundation director, chief learning officer, and consulting partner. He also earned degrees from Swarthmore College and UPenn's Annenberg School for Communication. Along this trek, Rod honed his communication knowledge and skill and now offers a variety of communication support services under the banner of Wordsmith Associates. In this wordsmith capacity, Rod has published a variety of works, spanning the fields of education, investment and finance, and professional development. He has also helped numerous individuals realize their authoring dreams, enabling them to publish their stories, usually in the form of reflective, later-in-life documents (including letters, memoirs, and tributes). Rod lives with his wife Donna and blind-dog Willie in Geneva, Illinois, a far-west suburb of Chicago. When pursuing avocational interests, Rod can be found carving wood, keeping bees, and nurturing his family tree.

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Format: Hardback, 160 Pages
ISBN: 9781577152279
Illustrations: 20 color illustrations
Size: 5.91 in x 9.02 in / 150.11 mm x 229.11 mm