Subtitle A Quick Review of What You Forgot You Knew

Cyrus McGoldrick
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Description Description With this easy-to-follow guide for both adults and students, brush up on the basic philosophical theories and writers that have helped shape Western thinking throughout the ages.

From Plato to Socrates, Everyday Philosophy Made Easy provides clear and concise explanations that break down the complex thoughts and explain the main philosophical points in everyday language.

Get a quick review of everything you forgot you knew with the Everyday Learning series from Wellfleet Press. Need a refresher course in topics like grammar and philosophy? Then let these handy reference books be your sidekicks on your journey to higher learning. You’ll learn about timeless global topics, as well as the thought leaders responsible for some of the greatest contributions in the worlds of science, art, and more. Packed with useful information, these portable books are perfect for commuters who want to jump-start their day with useful and fun facts. With the Everyday Learning series, you’ll be an expert in any field in no time. 

Other titles in this series include: Everyday Economics Made Easy, Everyday Grammar Made Easy, Everyday Mathematics Made Easy, and Everyday Spanish Made Easy.
Format Paper Over Board 160 Pages
ISBN 9781577152262
Size5.91 in x 9.02 in / 150.11 mm x 229.11 mm
Published Date August 9th, 2022
Cyrus McGoldrick
Cyrus McGoldrick is an author, student, and teacher of philosophy. He has a BA from Columbia University and is a doctoral candidate in Islamic philosophy and sociology at Ibn Haldun University in Istanbul. His publications include I Refuse to Condemn: Resisting Racism in Times of National Security, Ad-Deen wa'l-Insan wal-‘Alam, and a translation from Turkish of Recep Şentürk’s Malcolm X: The Struggle for Human Rights.
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