Acadiana Table Cajun and Creole Home Cooking from the Heart of Louisiana

Acadiana Table by George Graham

Cajun and Creole Home Cooking from the Heart of Louisiana

Format: Hardback, 320 Pages
ISBN: 9781558328631
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There's nothing in the world quite like Creole and Cajun cooking. Experience this unique, regional cooking tradition that's steeped in culture and history with Arcadiana Table.

In this beautifully photographed, 125-recipe regional cookbook, Louisiana native George Graham welcomes home cooks and food lovers to the world of Cajun and Creole cooking. The Acadiana region of southwest Louisiana, where this unique cuisine has its roots, is a journey into a fascinating culinary landscape.

Filled with many of the standard dishes expected in a Louisiana cookbook, Acadiana Table also includes brand-new recipes, techniques, and an exploration into the culture, geography, and history of this distinctive area. Fans of Louisiana are sure to love this cookbook, even if they've been cooking Creole and Cajun for years.

Book chapters include:

  • First You Make a Roux
  • Sunrise in Acadiana
  • Simmering Black Pots
  • A Little Lagniappe on the Side
  • Farm Fresh
  • The Cajun/Creole Coast
  • If it Flies, It Fries
  • Meats and the Mastery of the Boucherie
  • Sweet Surrender

George Graham has lived in South Louisiana for all his life. He has been an avid student, chronicler, and photographer of the region's culture and culinary traditions. Born into a restaurant family and a former restaurateur himself, he has written about Cajun and Creole cuisine for newspapers and magazines, and he has been a finalist on television's Food Network Challenge.

In 2013 he launched the blog Acadiana Table: George Graham's Stories of Louisiana Cooking and Cajun/Creole Culture, which already has been a finalist for Best Food Blog: Regional Cuisine in Saveur magazine's 2014 Best Food Blog Awards and also for Best Food Blog in the 2015 IACP Digital Media Awards--a remarkable record for such a young blog. He lives in Lafayette, Louisiana, with his wife and daughter.

Format: Hardback, 320 Pages
ISBN: 9781558328631
Illustrations: 130 color photos
Size: 9.5 in x 11.12 in / 241.3 mm x 282.45 mm
Introduction: Welcome to my Acadiana Table
The Roots of South Louisiana Cooking
My Culinary Journey
Born and Fed in Louisiana
This Cookbook
My Style of Cooking
Let’s Cook
Chapter One
First You Make A Roux
Chapter Two
Sunrise in Acadiana
Chapter Three
Simmering Black Pots
Chapter Four
A Little Lagniappe on the Side
Chapter Five
Farm Fresh
Chapter Six
The Cajun/Creole Coast
Chapter Seven
If It Flies, It Fries
Chapter Eight
Meats and the Mastery of the Boucherie
Chapter Nine
Sweet Surrender
Chapter Ten
Drinks and Drunks

About the Author
"Graham’s 320-page, 125-recipe opus has me drooling for Lemon-Pecan Pancakes with Southern Comfort Molasses for breakfast; Fried Oyster and Crawfish Caesar Salad for lunch; and perhaps Coq Au Vin or Grilled Baby Eggplant with Parsley-Pecan Pesto for supper."
"Acadiana, the land mass otherwise known as South Louisiana, is a culinary wonderland, and Graham, a food writer and photographer, has spent his life there. . .A little bit Cajun and a little bit Creole, one part traditionalist and one part disrupter, he combines 125 classic and contemporary recipes with short visits to local haunts such as Fred’s Lounge, where Saturday day drinkers face a 2:00 p.m. last call."
"Like Graham’s blog, it’s as gorgeous as it’s educational, perfect for a coffee table as well as a kitchen."