Macrame Jewellery

Macrame Jewellery by Jeanette Townley and Suzen Millodot

Format: Paperback / softback, 96 Pages
ISBN: 9780857621481
Publisher: Quarto Press
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With the basics of macrame already under your belt, this book offers in-depth techniques to help you get the most out of your projects and create the perfect piece each time. Master the art of the double half-hitch knot and the diagonal double half-hitch, plus learn how to keep it looking tidy so you can create some amazing work. Also, discover how the simple square knot can be transformed into something lacey and feminine, and discover how to design your own pieces, selecting the best materials for the job. A selection of projects will put your new-found skills to the test, and the book even includes links to five one-minute movies to help explain the more complex of the step-by-step sequences.

Jeanette Townley is a self-taught micro macramé and sea-glass jewelry artist that has been inspired by nature, textures, and colors. A beach and animal lover, she currently lives in Cheshire.

Suzen Millodot developed a fascination for decorative knots while living in Wales and later in Hong Kong. She enjoys combining the knots with beads and pendants, to make unusual and fun jewellery. She lives in Wales with her husband and two cats.

Format: Paperback / softback, 96 Pages
ISBN: 9780857621481
Size: 9.685 in x 7.48 in / 246 mm x 190 mm