Sopwith Camel 1916-1920 (F.1/2F.1)

Sopwith Camel by Jarrod Cotter

1916-1920 (F.1/2F.1)

Format: Hardback, 160 Pages
ISBN: 9780857337955
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Think of the First World War and then think of an aircraft. What springs to mind will probably be the Sopwith Camel. The single-seat Camel was one of the most successful RNAS/RFC/RAF 'scouts' (the period term for a fighter) of the First World War. Jarrod Cotter has been given rare access to the Shuttleworth Collection's Sopwith Camel replica as well as Camel new-builds in France and New Zealand. The manual includes rare and stunning colour photography of rebuilding, restoring and flying this classic WW1 fighter.

Jarrod Cotter has contributed to numerous railway and aviation magazines, and is a former railway magazine editor, and former Editor of Aviation Classics and Aeroplane Monthly. He has a particular passion for the Class 50, and is a Member of 'The Fifty Fund'. He is also co-author of the Haynes Avro Lancaster Manual and P-51 Mustang Manual.

Format: Hardback, 160 Pages
ISBN: 9780857337955
Illustrations: 150 color & 100 b-w photos
Size: 8.27 in x 10.64 in x 0.5 in / 210.06 mm x 270.26 mm x 12.7 mm